Last Call: It’s Been an Interesting Day

Well, that’s all she wrote for today’s insanity that is The Lowdown.  Whether or not you liked how things went today, I’d like to hear from you at

One last story to send you home with:
Wrestling legend and former-AWA owner/promoter, Verne Gane, has been linked to the death of a 97-year-old man in the memory loss ward of a Bloomington, MN health care facility. An alledged incident between Gagne and the deceased has been blamed by family members for causing his death. If I may be allowed to opine, maybe it was because he was 97.

What’s on tonight?
7:00 PM – Hockey Day in Canada – Montreal at Pittsburgh (CBC)
9:00 PM – CSI (CBS)
10:00 PM – Bullrun (Speed)

Source: Minneapolis Star Tribune


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