The Humanoids: Black Friday

Today is known in America as Black Friday. The day after Thanksgiving is the biggest day for discounted merchandise at American retail stores. That makes today the biggest shopping day of 2009. I don’t exactly know why it’s called Black Friday. Maybe it’s because it’s absolute hell for store workers. Though a more likely explanation is that it’s absolute hell for the guys being dragged along for the shopping. Today’s column subjects aren’t exactly being dragged through hell but most aren’t seeing things as all peaches and cream, though.

Time for the regular radio plug. We were on this week. Here’s this week’s episode about H1N1, hockey and the assorted randominity that we usually do. We’re going to tape both December shows this weekend. December 8th is our gift giving guide and December 22nd is our Christmas special featuring the weirdest Christmas music we could find. They’re always fun shows and we can’t wait to do them. Continue reading