Election Link-Off: What You Need to Know for #elxn42

It’s Election Day in Canada. That doesn’t have as good a ring as Hockey Day in Canada but there’s probably a reason why they don’t have elections in Canada on Saturdays. Between kids playing at the local rink and families watching on TV, hockey might get in the way of democracy. Today, though, it’s all about finding the next Prime Minister in one of the most hotly contested and bitter campaigns in Canadian history.

Before you vote, we have some last minute links to help you if you need it.

If you want to see how your views stack up against the rest of the parties, try Vote Compass. It took me like ten or fifteen minutes and gave me a pretty clear top and bottom ranking (the other two tied, actually). (Vote Compass)

Or if you’d rather get a crash course in where everyone stands, MacLean’s has a summary of the major issues and policies. You may want to read that Taxes primer because one party has a middle-class tax cut and it isn’t the blue guys. (MacLean’s)

And just in case you need some info on where to go or what to bring to the polls today. Elections Canada has you covered. (Elections.ca)

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Have Attack Ads Outlived Their Welcome?

harper-vs-trudeauA funny little poll came out late last week. It was the first national poll conducted after the Liberals selected Justin Trudeau as their new party leader. Oddly enough, the results of the poll showed that the Liberal Party holds a seven point lead over the governing Conservatives.

While there are plenty of explanations that one could attribute to the reason for the swing in polling numbers, my theory is that it comes down to the Conservative response to Trudeau’s election. Rather than promote themselves, the Conservatives have gone back to the well with attack ads about Trudeau’s inexperience and past statements. Could this mean that their old attack ad strategy might not be working anymore?

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