The Humanoids: Wrestling with Reality

I’m back with more Humanoids fun. The grind at my 9-to-5 is picking up speed. That’s the sort of thing that you have to get used to as you transition from school life to the working world. As hard as we try, we can’t go to work on Fridays on four hours of sleep and with a massive hangover. If you’re an Ivey student/grad include Thursdays in the previous sentence. Reality is just starting to settle in on the many recent graduates around the world. Some people accept that and will move on with the daily grind for the next 40 or 45 years. Other people will do just about anything to fight off the start of the rest of their life. Today’s targets on The Humanoids are battling with what their futures will be.

After two weeks off since the last edition of The Humanoids, I kept forgetting to get around to writing this edition. I usually start writing long before Friday rolls around. I see something interesting during the week and just riff on it. It doesn’t matter if it happens Saturday morning after the column hits the web or Thursday night before the column goes to the web. So with all the interesting things that happened over the last week, naturally, I wait until Thursday night to even start writing the column. There’s nothing I do better than procrastinate… Except for maybe tell jokes on radio. Continue reading