Ken Block’s Gymkhana Five

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Ken Block hooning about in a cloud of tire smoke in one of his famous Gymkhana videos. The YouTube legend took to the streets of San Francisco for his fifth Gymkhana video. He continues his war on tires with donuts around trams, a visit from Travis Pastrana and a visit to world-famous Lombard Street. Continue reading

Ken Block Gymkhana 4

It’s been about 11 months since we last saw Ken Block hooning about in his Ford Fiesta in his Gymkhana 3 video. Well, the unquestioned master of viral drifting videos is back with Gymkhana 4. This time, Ken slings his Fiesta around the backlot at Universal Studio. Rather than just speed, smoke and sideways cars, this edition adds explosions, gorilla suits, crashing through brick buildings and even Epic Meal Time. There are even homages to famous movies in there too. It’s a Gymkhana with something for everyone. Continue reading