Wednesday Link-Off: Roll Up Your Windows

If you hate my political coverage, you’ll hate my Friday column in which I explain why supply-side economics doesn’t actually work and give you the evidence to back that claim up. Anyway, on with the show. Let’s start with the newly single Amy Poehler who’s making Will Arnett look like a fool for divorcing her.

Mitt Romney has the perfect replacement for Obamacare. Since emergency rooms have to provide care people who come in, they can just go to an emergency room if they need it. The irony is that was the same logic that led him to create Romneycare. (Gawker)

Romney is all about cutting back government subsidies but did you know that government subsidies were the only thing that gave him enough money to get the Salt Lake City Olympics to actually happen. (Deadspin)

One of the arguments for the high pay of corporate executives is that they have special skills and experience that entitles them to that pay. However, a new study shows that these skills are specialized to one company and circumstance so there really isn’t any demand for their services. (New York Times)

After the jump, Romney’s epic airplane window fail, a tutorial with Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt Al Bundy and the original worst referee call ever. Continue reading