Wednesday Link-Off: Conflict of Interest

chrissy-teigen-ama16-01The Trump Transition Team should be spelled with a $ given the number of issues that have been raised since November 8th. If you thought there were serious issues before the election, it doesn’t seem to be getting better since the vote.

Anyway, it’s Wendesday which means that we’re doing the links. Let’s kick things off with Chrissy Teigen whose AMA dress she was almost wearing certainly got some attention.

After spending an election campaign slamming Hilary and the Clinton Foundation, the Trump Foundation admitted to self-dealing in a filing that’s only come out after the election. (Washington Post)

And now top Trump aide Kellyanne Conway says that he doesn’t want Hilary to be prosecuted. (CNN)

Trump continued his adversarial relationship with the Fourth Estate by bringing top members of the press into Trump Tower to berate them. (New York Post)

Trump also had a separate on-again, off-again, on-again meeting with the New York Times. He flip-flopped on six issues during his one-hour meeting. (Yahoo News)

President-elect Trump’s stay in Trump Tower is costing the city of New York over $1 million per day to secure the building and area. With the First Lady and their son staying there while the President is in Washington, those costs aren’t going to stop any time soon. (CNN Money)

Will America stand for conflicts of interest? Trump used his congratulatory phone call from the Argentinian President to get him to help a building project in Buenos Aires with Trump’s name on it. (Think Progress)

He also used a meeting with British officials to get them to advocate against wind turbines that could spoil the view of his Scottish golf course. (The Daily Beast)

Inside an alt-right conference in Washington, members of the alt-right met Trump’s victory with Nazi salutes. (The Atlantic)


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