Sunday Link-Off: Nearing the End

We’re just over a week away from Election Day in the US and hopefully we’ll be done with it by then. Of course, with the Trump campaign openly talking about voter suppression and with Trump and supporters claiming the election is rigged, will anyone be happy enough to let the election end quietly next week?

What does it say about a campaign when they’re talking about “voter suppression operations?” That’s the plan inside Team Trump. (Bloomberg)

Donald Trump claims to be charitable but David Fahrenthold’s latest look at the Trump Foundation just backs up all the other assertions that Trump is stingy with his money (he’d prefer the term “efficient” so watch for that) and has used the Trump Foundation as his personal funds. (Washington Post)

It not just charity that Donald isn’t giving to. He pledged $100 million of his own money to his presidential campaign. If he came through on his claim that he gave $10 million more to his campaign, he’s still be something like $34 million short of that pledge. (Talking Points Memo)

The American Bar Association Journal commissioned an article about Donald Trump’s libel/slander lawsuits but didn’t run with it because they were afraid of being sued themselves. Here’s the article. (Vox)

Believe it or not, Trump does have black supporters. He loves them so much that he called one at a rally a thug and had him thrown out. (Slate)

Usually, a conservative is fiscally responsible. Trump’s $1 trillion infrastructure plan that will somehow won’t cost the US any money will cost ten times that of Obama’s infrastructure plan. (Rare)

What are the origins of the Trump family fortune? A brothel in the Yukon. (Bloomberg)

So this new Clinton-maybe emails has been overblown in part by the media who have nothing better to talk about. (Variety)

While The Donald can talk about wanting to use nukes because the US has them, the UN voted to negotiate a global ban on Nuclear weapons. Countries with nuclear weapons are all opposed to this, though. (UPI)


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