Wednesday Link-Off: Both Sides of the Border

katy-perry-parkerinstitute16-02Who says that all the interesting news in America? We certainly have our share of noteworthy stories in Canada even if we don’t mention the pending Canada Post strike. For fun, there is even some big British stories in the links so we have the whole Commonwealth/colonial thing happening as well.

Anyway, it’s Wednesday so we are obliged to do the links. Let’s kick things off with Katy Perry.

Iceland will be boycotting Israeli products until they end their occupation of Palestine. (PressTV)

His religious beliefs have been underplayed at the moment but is Donald Trump’s support showing there may be no need for religion in politics. (New York Times)

The FBI won’t be recommending charges against Hilary for her email dealings. (NYT)

A Canadian judge who berated a rape victim is now facing a public hearing to determine if he should keep his job. (USA Today)

Apparently Toronto is the world’s most fascinating and boring city. (The Guardian)

Canadian millennials are living at home because they can’t afford to do otherwise.  (The Globe and Mail)

Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson’s Leave campaign won the UK’s EU referendum. Now, neither is keen to step into the leadership breach caused by their efforts. (The Guardian)

Chris Evans is leaving Top Gear. Staff reportedly celebrated his departure. (Metro)

Another week, another story about the decline of The Daily Show. At least this one has a take suggesting that it should die. (Sydney Morning Herald)


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