Wednesday Link-Off: Putting on the Links

miranda-kerr-trendshealth15-02It’s been a long time since I’ve put together a sports-heavy set of links but that seems to be where the good links are for the early part of this week. There are a lot of sports stories this week that go beyond the field and that’s where most of the interesting and impactful stories come from. We can’t do politics all the time, right?

Anyway, if it’s Wednesday, then we must be starting the day with the links. Let’s kick things off with Miranda Kerr.

A Bernie Sanders rally in Seattle was cancelled after it was overrun by Black Lives Matter protesters. Of all the candidates running for President, isn’t Sanders the best friend that movement has? (Gawker)

We can laugh all we want at Donald Trump but he has a good team behind him. (National Journal)

Here’s an NDP tax policy I can get behind: The NDP say they will enact a special tax credit for craft breweries. (CBC News)

A human rights expert thinks that Prime Minister Harper’s proposed travel ban to ISIS strongholds borders on something done by authoritarian regimes. (iPolitics)

Little known fact: I did stand-up at my Catholic high school back in the day. Worst sets ever because any even remotely edgy joke got me a visit to the principal’s office. Turns out that it’s not just a high school comedian issue today. My old sets would be the only ones acceptable on college campuses too. (The Atlantic)

The Pro Football Hall of Fame didn’t let Junior Seau’s daughter make a speech at her father’s HoF induction. Here’s the speech she wanted to make. (New York Times)

It might not be an election issue but the public funding of sports arenas will be a hot button political issue just the same. (The Triangle)

After Roddy Piper’s death, the BBC looks into the history of wrestlers dying young. (BBC News Magazine)

A Chicago sportswriter warns Chicago sports fans not to defend Patrick Kane just because he’s a local sports icon. (CBS Chicago)

What is SI football writer Peter King’s best/worst tweet ever? (Vice Sports)

Here are the Young Bucks, IWGP Jr. Tag Team and PWG Tag Team champions, superkicking a nine-year-old because wrestling is awesome.

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