Wednesday Link-Off: Video Game Break

meg-turney-playboy15-02Let’s take a little time to get away from our coverage of E3 2015. Don’t worry, I’ll have trailers from all of the press conferences at E3 and then some news coverage of the more exciting announcements and reveals at the convention.

Right now, it’s time for us to look at some of the other important happenings in the world outside of the Los Angeles Convention Center with the Wednesday links. Keeping with the E3 theme, though, here’s Meg Turney.

CSIS warned the Province of Ontario that a cabinet minister could be under China’s influence. The provincial government disregarded the spy agency. (The Globe and Mail)

Donald Trump is planning to run for President. Philip Bump tried fact-checking the speech but found it to be completely impossible. (Washington Post)

How is Kansas paying for its tax cut for the rich? Raising taxes that will most adversely affect the poor. (Think Progress)

The Arab Spring was supposed to help Egypt and its people. It’s seemed to have caused the exact opposite effect. (New York Times)

The Canadian Supreme Court is awesome! They said medical marijuana is medical marijuana in any form you can put it in. The Conservatives aren’t happy but they’re also out of touch with the modern Canadian below retirement age. (CBC)

James Murdoch is now in charge of 21st Century Fox. Can he keep Roger Ailes and Fox News in check? (New York Magazine)

Brian Williams’ suspension is quickly come to an end but what can NBC do with him since he can’t go back in the anchor chair. (Vanity Fair)

Do you remember Tim Donaghy? The former NBA ref is now gambling’s golden boy. (Daily Intelligencer)

The New England Patriots may not be the worst cheaters in sports any more. It might be the St. Louis Cardinals who hacked the Houston Astros. (New York Times)

After far too many years, Rush finally got on the cover of Rolling Stone. Took them way too long to recognize one of the greatest bands in the history of the world. (Rolling Stone)

And let’s close with the WWE’s tribute to “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes.


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