Entertainment Link-Off:

alison brie gqI’m back this week now that I got time to sit down in front of the computer once again. Huge thanks to Steve for covering for me last week as I was inundated with work. Anyway, it’s time for another ELO as it’s Saturday once again! Community is coming back really soon, so why not get another dose of Alison Brie!

After the jump, District 10 ain’t happening anytime soon, Expendables is coming to a TV near you, movies make more money in China, analyzing the difficulties to make a movie and Bob Barker renews his rivalry with Adam Sandler. 

Well I suppose you can expect most characters to make it to season 2 for Gotham, but with the recent news of Jada Pinkett-Smith leaving the show, I guess you can predict what would happen to her character Fish Mooney. (Variety)

First look at Melissa Benoist in the full Supergirl costume! (Comic Book Resources)

Neill Blomkamp reveals that he has ideas for District 10, but now it is not the right time to do it. Given that he is preoccupied with the next Alien flick, it’s no surprise here. (IGN)

The Expendables might be dying as a film franchise, so why not move it to the TV screens instead? (Deadline)

Looks the Oscars’ silly gimmick of 10 best picture nominations is no more, let’s go back to 5! (THR)

Get ready for Community season 6. Age of Yahoo! Mark your calendars for March 17th! (Yahoo)

Here’s a surprise for ya! China has raked in more moolah at the box office compared to the States! I guess there’s a new battleground that the studios really need to try to fight for in terms of movies marketplace. (THR)

The next Star Wars trailer gets detailed. (Collider)

In simple terms, the lack of Asian on TV spells out ‘racism’ in Hollywood. (TV Guide)

Just a little over a month til the release of Mortal Kombat X. Here’s the story trailer that reveals some new faces in the game. (Entertainment Weekly)

Get your first tease of Vision in the latest trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Adi Shankar explains it pretty well on the challenges on why it is so difficult to get Dredd 2 into production.

Bob Barker and Adam Sandler renew their rivalry from Happy Gilmore.

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