Wednesday Link-Off: The Finger Thing Means The Taxes

alessandra-ambrosio-harpersbazaaraus14-01You’d think that I would have had a lot of time to catch up on my writing this weekend seeing as it was a long weekend here in Canada but no. Between lots of cooking and lots of family visits and a Harry Potter marathon, I’m more behind this week than last.

So while I am busy writing a lot of stuff, here’s Alessandra Ambrosio.

While the pot boom is great for business and taxpayers in Colorado, buying marijuana still comes with a bit of a stigma. Some pot entrepreneurs are working to change the perception of marijuana and the sale thereof. (New York Times)

The American health care system is pretty poor in many ways. Is one of them the inability to support dying patients with terminal illnesses and diseases? (The New Republic)

Want to know why you’re always drinking coffee? It’s all down to your genetics. (Boston Globe)

The Twilight effect of popularizing shit young adult romance books is affecting the whole of literature. Non-fiction books are being rewritten and simplified for younger readers. God help America. (New York Times)

With the Nobel Prize winners being announced last week, just what is it like going through an airport with a Nobel Prize. (Scientific American)

We all make jokes about teenagers and university students only using computers for looking at porn but it’s actually quite common at the workplace too. (Bloomberg) When I was inquiring about a review copy of an upcoming game and getting turned down, it was mentioned that my Alexa ranking was too low for the publisher’s taste. Well, when you aren’t a porn site, it’s quite hard to crack the top 100,000 websites in the world.

A report blames Michael Schumacher’s head injury on the Go Pro camera strapped to his helmet. That’s the first I’ve heard of a Go Pro camera being linked to head injuries but it still has negatively impacted the company. (Yahoo Finance)

A Euro 2016 qualifier match had to be abandoned when a man alleged to be the Albanian Prime Minister’s brother used a drone to fly the Albanian flag over a match between Serbia and Albania which led to a riot. (The Guardian)

UFC play-by-play man Mike Goldberg got his first go at NFL play-by-play last weekend. It wasn’t pretty. (Pro Football Talk)

Uber Facts is a $500,000 per year business despite its offerings seldom being uber and sometimes not being facts. Isn’t clickbait awesome? (Fast Company)

You want to know why Tyler Seguin and Jamie Benn are each projected to score over 80 points each? Their recent Dude Perfect video will shed some light.


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