Entertainment Link-Off: Not 21 Anymore

Iamber stevenst’s buddy cop comedy vs. dragons at the box office this weekend and BOTH are certified fresh. Can I suggest a movie marathon? Anyway, Amber Stevens can be seen in 22 Jump Street as Jonah Hill’s love interest, so let’s start off the ELO with her. 

After the jump, an unexpected choice for Aquaman, Paddington can be creepy, George R.R. Martin demands longer Game of Thrones seasons, people are ditching the TV screens and Mean Girls gets the 8 bit treatment.

He may not the be first person to come to mind to play Aquaman, but it is now confirmed that Khal Drogo, I mean Jason Momoa will take on the role in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Gosh that movie title is still awful. (Hit Fix)

New images have surfaced for Jurassic World, but it focuses mainly on the human characters. Show me the dinos! (AV Club)

Times like these make you wonder why they would bother to do a sequel to a classic if all they can come up with is garbage like this. Have a look at the unfunny trailer for Dumb and Dumber To. (Yahoo)

The film adaptation of the popular book series Paddington has sparked a lot of interest so far. Recently a new image from the film appeared and it looks so ominous that it started a meme known as #creepypaddington. The bear + horror movie mash-up is quite fun to check out. (Slashfilm)

Gotta miss the good ol’ days. Seems like Netflix is feeling that way too, so they’re gonna go revive The Magic School Bus! (NY Times)

Speaking of bringing back childhood favourites, Sony is looking to develop a Sonic the Hedgehog movie. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Fun fact. Kit Harrington can’t cut his hair because even his long locks are under contract for Game of Thrones. (UPI)

George R.R. Martin wants more Game of Thrones. Well, 13 episode seasons to be exact. Perhaps his request to lengthen the show’s seasons is part of a ploy to buy himself more time to finish the next book. (NY Times)

The leaked plans for WB and DC Comics films seem a little backwards but it just might work. Oh and Ryan Reynolds is done as the Green Lantern. Ouch. (Nikke Finke)

Early buzz for FOX’s Gotham pilot is pretty good. (Collider)

Some minor spoilery tidbits on season 3 of Arrow. (TV Line)

Silicon Valley is one heck of a hilarious show. Creator Mike Judge talks about the famous dick joke and how to navigate around the tragic loss of Christopher Evan Welch and how it will affect season 2. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Is TV doomed? Based on this rate of viewer decline, it just might be! (Vulture)

The evolution of Chris Pratt. From Everwood cast member to Marvel superhero! (E! Online)

The season finale of The 100 was quite the shocker and game changer. Executive producer Jason Rothenberg talks about the show but stays mum on the fate of our favourite characters. (The TV Addict)

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Mighty Ducks, Time has gone through the oral history of the film and reveals the possibility of a sequel. Sure nothing has been greenlit but there is hope! (Time)

Phil Lord and Chris Miller reveal that for 22 Jump Street DVD release, there will be a 10 minute “dramatic and unfunny cut”. Imagine what the movie would be like without jokes. Interesting bonus feature eh? (Collider)

Stand-ins are quite common in movies so that they can work out how to film the actual product when the time comes. You don’t get to see them in the final movie but the 22 Jump Street trailer has been recut with the stand-ins for Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum. The end result is quite funny.

Mean Girls gets the 8-bit treatment.

Ryan Higa’s latest I Dare You brings KevJumba and Jeremy Lin to take part in some fun silly antics.


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