Wednesday Link-Off: ‘Murica

nina-agdal-bebe14-01You would think that our Memorial Day edition of the links would be the one with all the America links but I just happen to have a whole pile of them for today’s linkdump. At least they’re sort of interesting.

But just because there are a whole pile of ‘Murica links doesn’t mean that we’re going to lead with an American woman. No, here’s Nina Agdal.

The US Attorney General’s department has charged the Chinese government officials with cyber espionage. Unfortunately, the US Attorney General’s department immediately charged itself with criminal irony. (Time)

The US Department of Defense has a zombie defense plan. Well, I guess it’s better to be prepared than get caught off-guard by the apocalypse. (Foreign Policy)

Gay marriage may not be legal in most of America but most Americans support it. It’s gone from no support to majority support in less than fifty years. (Al Jazeera)

When UMass basketball player Derrick Gordon wanted to come out, he didn’t do so to set off a turf war between gay rights organizations to determine who could most closely associate themselves with Gordon to further their own cause. (Deadspin)

General Motors’ treatment of their recall situation is pretty sad for such a loved American brand. Fortunately, a Brit by the name of John Oliver is here to take them to task. (Jalopnik)

A New York Times internal memo about their plan to improve the digital side of the newspaper leaked to the internet. The problem is that they’ve had limited success in that realm so why would they think this will make a difference. (Schwartz Media Solutions)

Did you know that the modern office was designed to make you feel free and happy? I believe the phrase I’m looking for here is “Hashtag irony.” (Vox)

Superstar college quarterbacks may not officially get paid but they are a great return on investment. They’re worth millions annually to their colleges. (FiveThirtyEight)

Ser Gregor Clegane, The Mountain that Rides, was a recruiting target of the NFL’s Indianapolis Colts. I’d hazard that he’d be pretty hard to tackle. (

You may keep up to date on the latest MLB standings but you’d be better off tracking your team’s playoff chances with Baseball Prospective’s playoff odds tracker. (Sports on Earth)

ESPN is set to launch a new, multimillion dollar digital studio to produce their headline shows in. It looks a hell of a lot better than what their northern counterpart, TSN, did with its major studio renovation. (The Courant)

Good news! There’s a new episode of OSW Review out this week. This time, it’s a review of ECW One Night Stand 2005.


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