Entertainment Link-Off: Say When

olivia wildeSo it’s reaching the tail end of the summer releases now. The film adaptation of The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones is out. Apparently it is a bit crammed and hard to follow. Perhaps you should go see Drinking Buddies starring Olivia Wilde. 

After the jump, big casting news is spreading over the Twittersphere, Joss Whedon doesn’t love The Empire Strikes Back, box office bombs and Ryan Higa shows us all the ultimate handshake.

This is only the second most interesting casting news of the week since it was overshadowed by something that got quite the Twitter reaction. Anyway, martial artist Tony Jaa of Ong Bak fame has been tapped to join Fast and Furious 7. (The Hollywood Reporter)

The biggest casting news of the week is that Ben Affleck will be playing Batman in the Man of Steel sequel. Yes, it’s f******* Ben Affleck! (Slashfilm)

Of course, there are many fans of Batman that were not happy with the casting choice… leading to some petitions to uncast him. (Variety)

Seems like it is very hard to please Batman fans as Warner Brothers have received over 50000 complaints over their casting choice in the past. (Bleeding Cool)

Here’s a quick “best of” Tweets from other Hollywood-ites out there regarding Ben Affleck as The Dark Knight. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Voice of reason from all the Batman casting rage. (Collider)

A nice picture from the set of Transformers 4 to further wet your appetites for another installment of the big budget robot actioner. (Michael Bay)

Kevin Feige comments on the timeline of Guardians of the Galaxy and reveals who will be the big baddie in the film. (Comic Book Movie)

While most people tend to think that The Empire Strikes Back is the best Star Wars film, Joss Whedon thinks otherwise and he does make a valid point. The icing on the cake for this article is him bashing Twilight as well. (Entertainment Weekly)

Fun tidbit. Four of the fifty box office bombs are currently still playing at a theatre near you! (Slashfilm)

Paul W.S. Anderson can never properly cut a full film together, but at least the trailers for his movies look entertaining. Catch Game of Thrones star Kit Harington in the first trailer for Pompeii. (Yahoo)

First look at the ‘not-sequel’ but a continuation of Gareth Edwards’ film Monsters. Check out the teaser for Monsters: Dark Continent. (Empire)

For the fans of the Cornetto trilogy. Have fun reading the interactive script for Hot Fuzz. It’s filled with drawings, clips, storyboards and whatnot. (Hot Fuzz Script)

Jurassic Park joining the $1 billion club, all thanks to China. (Movies with Butter)

6 things to know about the upcoming season of How I Met Your Mother. (TV Guide)

The Lego trailer for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.

We all got our own secret handshake, but Ryan Higa shows you all the different forms and the ultimate handshake.

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