Wednesday Link-Off: Left or Right

chrissy-teigen-beachbunny13-25It’s the middle of the week which means that it’s time for us to do the links. Let’s start this post with Chrissy Teigen.

Scientists are more convinced than ever that humans are speeding up global warming. (Think Progress)

New Jersey governor Chris Christie has banned gay conversion therapy. Makes sense since gay conversion therapy is basically a lie. (Politico)

Senator Ted Cruz has renounced his Canadian citizenship. Where are the Cruz birthers? (Washington Post)

Vice is now owned in part by Fox and has been valued at over $1 billion. It’s come a long way from quasi-counter-culture magazine to respected news organization. (Gawker)

Are you in Canada and want to know what the deal with Fox Sports 1 is? Here’s a quick FAQ. (A Rouge Point)

Friday Night Lights movie director and TV series creator Peter Berg has created the new intro for Monday Night Football. (Hollywood Reporter)

With Fox Sports 1 trying something new with Fox Sports Live and getting some praise for it, is it a matter of FSL being good or that ESPN SportsCenter has gotten a little stale. (The Big Lead)

The 1972 Miami Dolphins are getting the visit to the White House that they were denied because of Watergate. However, three Dolphins aren’t going because they don’t like President Obama. What’s the point of not going? (Sports on Earth)

Here’s a profile of former New England Patriots tight-end Aaron Hernandez. (Providence Journal)

Would you live in a five-foot-wide house in an alley between buildings? (Fast Co)

Good news! Dave Chappelle is coming back to stand-up. (The New York Times)

Harrison Ford has angrily pointed his way to box office stardom.

And, just for fun, here’s a ST:TNG redub.

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