Entertainment Link-Off: Another Round of Ass-Kickin’

lindy booth kick ass premiereThere is some competition at the box office this weekend. While Apple fans might want to see Ashton Kutcher portray Steve Jobs in… Jobs, the rest of us can go check out the highly anticipated sequel Kick Ass 2. You can catch fellow Canadian Lindy Booth in the film as Night Bitch. 

After the jump, Steve Wozniak has some kind and not so kind words for the film Jobs, some aca-awesome news, Sly is right about Bruce Willis, Donald Glover gets serious, Oprah just loves giving away stuff and Jeremy Lin has changed since his basketball career has taken off. 

Jobs has finally hit theatres to less than glowing reviews. In fact, even Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak finds the film to be less than stellar. At least he didn’t downright trash the movie. (Gizmodo)

Wonder news aca-fans! The cast of Pitch Perfect is getting back together to record a holiday album, just in time for it to hit the stockings near you this Christmas! (MTV)

Remember that reported $100 million deal for Hugh Jackman to keep playing Wolverine. Well, the actor squashes the rumour on the spot. The good news is that he is not hinting at retiring from playing the character anytime soon. (Entertainment Weekly)

Speaking of Wolverine, one of the X-Men characters nearly made it into the film The Wolverine, but was left out of the final picture. Can you guess who it might be? (Creative Screenwriting)

Thor: The Dark World is undergoing some reshoots. The fans were demanding more Loki and it looks like they’re gonna get it. (Collider)

Bruce Willis is tired of making action movies, but he does it just for the money. No wonder he and Sly didn’t see eye to eye when it came to reprising his role as Church in The Expendables 3. (The Mirror)

Top 10 landmarks that movies love to destroy. (Popdose)

Investigating why the audience rates movies higher than the critics. (New York Times)

Apparently 7 seasons isn’t quite the halfway mark for Chuck Lorre. Expect more Big Bang Theory for the foreseeable future. Assuming the stars of the show agree to stay on. (The Hollywood Reporter)

A look back at John Oliver’s creative way of explaining why Jon Stewart was away from The Daily Show since June 10th. (Entertainment Weekly)

It’s more of the same for the international trailer of 300: Rise of an Empire. At least it promises plenty of stylistic action.

Is there anything that Donald Glover can’t do? The Community star released a short film ‘Clapping for the Wrong Reasons”. It features the actor in a more dramatic turn, which is quite different than what we have seen so far.

Oprah suffers from an ailment that most people do not have. Perhaps it is a rich person’s ailment. Kudos to her for treating certain audience members to a special prize on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Jeremy Lin is showing some of his comedic chops in his latest video. Have a look at “You’ve Changed Bro”

Music recommendation of the week. Sam Tsui teams up with Kina Grannis for the track Bring Me the Night. Enjoy.

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