Entertainment Link-Off: Watch This!

alison-brie-wired13-03Jackie’s busy this weekend and I’m in to cover the entertainment beat. The good news is that this weekend is a good one to catch a new release in the theatres unless you actually check out reviews. There appears to be something for everyone except those with good taste, it seems.

Dreamworks Animation’s The Croods seems to be the best reviewed movie of the weekend but don’t confuse it for a Pixar classic… Or Ice Age, even. If you’re looking for a live action comedy, Admission stars Tina Fey and Paul Rudd which sounds great on paper but doesn’t work in practice. If mindless action is your thing, Olympus Has Fallen is right up your alley.

So rather than try to wedge someone from one of these movies, here’s Alison Brie because you really should be watching Community on NBC.

We all know that studio execs aren’t the brightest bulbs of the bunch, regardless of how many blockbuster hits get released. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. But execs were wrong with these notes about classic movies. (FlavorWire)

Olympus Has Fallen might have a bit of an outlandish premise but they don’t want it to be unrealistic. The director consulted an actual ex-Secret Service agent to make sure Gerard Butler acted like a Secret Service agent. (Mother Jones)

Remember those crappy Garfield movies that even Bill Murray regretted making? Well, it turns out that Garfield isn’t supposed to be funny so it’s okay that the movies weren’t. Not that it makes anything better. (Smithsonian)

With The Office wrapping up soon, why not look back at what may have been with the actors who auditioned but missed the cut for the series. (Warming Glow)

Want to get your friend on board with a series you like but don’t want to start them from the beginning? Here’s a good starting point for nine popular shows. (Pajiba) Funny fact: Back in either 2007 or 2008, I recommended Jackie get into Doctor Who and start with Blink. Great minds and all that.

TV isn’t just a passion project for the viewers but the academics as well. Some interesting papers have been written about classic TV too. (The Week)

It’s expected that Jimmy Fallon, who is apparently far better on late night TV than he was doing anything else, is going to replace Leno before Kimmel pounds him into the ground. History shows that course of action might not be the smartest. (Vulture)

Speaking of TV casting news, The Sun “newspaper” in England says that Matt Smith might be trying to bail on Doctor Who by the end of the year. Where’s the Tom Baker-esque dedication to the role? (Den of Geek)

Here’s a funny story from inside Mad Men. You’d think that the tight and revealing wardrobe would give us more Christina Hendricks than the AMC bosses would be comfortable with. However, the real wardrobe problem is Jon Hamm. (New York Daily News)

A hacker deleted all of Soulja Boy’s YouTube videos. Get that man a damn medal. (3 News)

Not surprisingly, we were big G4 fans here at Lowdown HQ. So, naturally, I’m obligated to run a link to this story about former G4 mainstay Adam Sessler who was unceremoniously turfed immediately following a show. (Kotaku)

I think this link is appropriate for the entertainment links. Silicone breast implants are making a comeback. Time for a Pam Anderson career comeback? (Wall Street Journal)

It’s a breaking the fourth wall super cut. It gets better as it goes along. And, no, it doesn’t omit Monty Python or James Bond.

Fuck yeah, Gary Oldman!

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