Thursday Link-Off: Four More Years!

We’ve come in a day late with the mid-week links so we could bring you election coverage. Wednesday was a great morning for America. Republican supporters can complain about the outcome but they only have the Tea Party to blame. They force Romney off his moderate base to the neoconservative fringe. If he stuck to what was his core as the governor of Massachusetts  he’s have been in with a shot. Anyway, since America did the right thing on Tuesday, here’s Obama supporter Katy Perry. This campaign pretty much made her any sane man’s dream woman.

The results of the election aren’t indicative of a divide by race or gender or even political beliefs. It’s really illustrative of a divide along age. (Globe & Mail)

Over the course of the day, one of the more intriguing subplots was the embarrassing state of the actual voting process. If there’s one reason the world laughed at America, it’s because the country that invaded Iraq to impose democracy doesn’t have it right itself. (CNN)

Now that President Obama has been reelected, people are going to talk about his place in history. Perhaps, though, his place has already been cemented even without a cornerstone piece of legislation to be his legacy piece. (Esquire)

After the jump, more election coverage including Nate Silver winning election night, where the GOP went wrong, a media round-up from the big day and more.

With Obama lead Florida at last report, Nate Silver and 538 model was 50 for 50 on election night. He’d also be 99 for 100 states in the last two elections. Yeah, his model is legit. (Mashable)

Silver wasn’t the only pundit that hit the numbers right on. This round-up of how close the pundits were does show how unskewed those polls the GOP loved actually were. (Slate)

Back to why the GOP got smacked down. We’ve covered that their supporters are largely older. Part of the problem is that they don’t appeal to women or minorities either. (Politico)

I often joked that Romney only wanted the Presidency to put on his resume. That joke does have a basis in reality. Romney’s spent the last 20 or so years with his eyes on becoming President. The question is why he wanted to be President so badly. (Washington Post)

One of the odder trends of this election cycle was what I called the attempted blackmail by employers who said jobs would disappear if Obama was re-elected  The boys at Harvard say that employers trying to sway votes is a bad idea for a few reasons. (Harvard Business Review)

Time for a very brief media round-up from last night. Karl Rove tried to launch a mutiny on Fox News last night. He rejected everyone projecting Ohio and the Presidency for Obama. That turned their “fair and balanced” election coverage into a gong show. (New York Magazine) The best line from that article: “‘This is Fox News,’ an insider said, ‘so anytime there’s a chance to show off Megyn Kelly’s legs they’ll go for it.'”

Here’s a front page round-up from around the world. (Poynter)

President Obama is so good that he also kicked Justin Bieber’s ass twice on Tuesday. His two post-victory tweets are now the two most retweeted tweets of all-time. (BuzzFeed)

And let’s close our election coverage with 10 of the funniest moments of this election. (Think Progress)

In other news, infamous BitTorrent website The Pirate Bay is thinking about flying drones over international water to keep their site going while staying free from prosecution. (RT)

The OHL’s Brampton Battalion will cease fire after this season as they move to North Bay. Will this prompt the OHL to create a northern division for its Northern Ontario teams. (Buzzing the Net)

Emeril had a pretty cool scene on last Sunday’s episode of Treme. (Eater)

NBC News anchor Brian Williams didn’t seem too impressed with Donald Trump’s tweets about the election. Isn’t trying to incite civil disobedience a crime?

Your call: Was Diane Sawyer drunk on the air on election night?

Now that his political career seems to be over, maybe Mittens “Willard” Romney will take up a singing career.

And just for fun, here’s a compilation of Presidential fails.


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