Wednesday Link-Off: Turkey Day Hangover

It was a slow news weekend thanks to the Columbus Day holiday in America and Thanksgiving in Canada. However, we still have enough for a linkdump. First, since it was Canadian Thanksgiving on Monday, let’s start with Canadian model Rachelle Goulding.

When a respected business publication like Bloomberg questions a party’s supposed fiscal conservatism, it’s time to question what that party actually stands for. They’ve found that the Republicans aren’t actually as fiscally responsible as they claim. (Bloomberg)

You want to know why Canada isn’t as big of a political gong show as America? It’s because we don’t have a two-party system. (National Post)

Somehow, BuzzFeed has become one of the best places to find unbiased political news during this election. Anyway, they also took a look at the Republican pseudo-media’s “unskewing” of polls and how their policy of attacking the media. (BuzzFeed)

After the jump, Aaron Sorkin’s advice for Obama, a look at obsessive teenage crushes and a musical tribute to video games.

Some of Aaron Sorkin’s iconic characters come together to put the fire back into President Obama after the debate. (New York Times)

Speaking of the phrase “You’re lying, Governor,” Mitt Romney has been doing a bit of lying about his foreign policy position. (Forbes)

Paul Ryan has a message for birthers: Obama was born in America so stop being stupid. (Talking Points Memo)

Jon Stewart and Bill O’Reilly debated in their Rumble in the Air Conditioned Auditorium. Here are five takeaways from the showdown. (Washington Post)

The Republicans are playing fair in this election. A CEO sent an email to his employees saying that he’ll be laying a bunch of them off if President Obama is reelected. Any lawyers know if that comes close to blackmail? (Gawker)

Most news publications use a paywall to generate revenue from their online branch. Talking Points Memo has created a dedicated member base to help them stay solvent. (GigaOM)

Since I started going with more of a current events focus for the blog, I’ve been wanting to write about unhealthy teenage crushes. Fortunately, I’ve finally found an article about it. (The Awl)

Former World Rally Champion Petter Solberg missed a turn in last weekend’s Rallye de France and drove through a vineyard and into a pole. No one was hurt but it was quite a spectacle. (Deadspin)

What was the biggest story to come out of the Twenty20 Cricket World Cup? The cheerleaders weren’t good-looking enough. (The Big Lead)

One of the growing areas that video game companies have been focusing on is economics both in-game and in the real world. (Washington Post Wonkblog)

Speaking of video game economics, despite a recent bunch of critical hits, sales of video games are on the way down. (New York Times)

Sony Vice President of everything Kevin Butler did an ad for Bridgestone in which he played a Wii. No one would have known that if it wasn’t for Sony suing Butler and Bridgestone. (Kotaku)

The Ohio State University marching band did a tribute to video games which was pretty cool… Despite the fact that it’s Ohio State.

What happens when last week’s Mitt Romney debates the last year’s Mitt Romney? You begin to question if the man makes gaffes or if he’s outsmarted everyone.

Psy did a concert in Korea after his media tour of America. I think he might be popular.

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