Sunday Link-Off: Let The Games Begin

Since the Olympics have started, I think we’re going to celebrate by leading off the Sunday and Wednesday sets of links with Olympic women. First up is Croatian women’s basketball player Antonija Misura.

People use all sorts of maths to figure out how many medals each country will win at the Olympics. Here’s a compilation of some of the better known projections. (Sports Myriad)

It’s amazing how much three seconds can change a country’s attitude to an Olympic sport but three seconds in 1972 changed how the US approached men’s basketball. (Bloomberg)

Much was made of the absolutely embarrassing approach US Track and Field took to the finish in the women’s 100m. For in-then-out runner Jeneba Tarmoh, it wasn’t just embarrassing but painful. (Sports Illustrated)

After the jump, the funny side of the Olympics, science proves that today’s pop music sucks and the best of Ralph Wiggum.

Let’s take a look at some Olympic humour. First, it’s Jon Bois’ Olympic event preview based on his first hand experience from Atlanta. (SB Nation)

Someone at NBC thought it would be a good idea to interview former Olympic amateur wrestle and former WWE Champion The Iron Sheik. I think this reporter will be made humble for not accurately quoting Sheikie Baby. (NBC Olympics)

It looks as though Chick-Fil-A created a fake Facebook account to defend themselves from smart people who are pro-gay marriage. (Mashable)

And it looks like this opposition to gay marriage is taking its toll on the staff at Chick-Fil-A. Their VP of PR died of a heart attack last week which I’m sure was in no way related to the stress of defending an indefensible position. (WRBL)

Science says that pop music now all sounds the same. I could have told you that if you read The Worst of Music. (Reuters)

Ms. Knope goes to Washington. Or, to put it another way, Parks & Rec was filming on Capitol Hill last week. (New York Times) It’s too bad that NBC is planning to get rid of smart comedies for Chuck Lorre-esque dumb shit.

Speaking of low-rated shows, Nielsen says that Breaking Bad shed 600,000 from its season premiere to episode two. However, when you crunch the numbers, Breaking Bad certainly isn’t suffering compared to the rest of TV. (Warming Glow)

Earlier this week, we noted that the supposed Carly Rae Jepsen sex tape was a fake. Well, now there might be real Carly Rae Jepsen nude pictures hitting the interweb. (Gawker)

Twihards took the news of Kristen Stewart cheating on Robert Pattinson pretty hard. (BuzzFeed) The problem with Twilight fans is that they think they can be Stewart. They’re dull-looking, seem generally uninteresting. Anyone, from 1 to 10, could be Kristen Stewart and play her part in a romance with a blood sucking undead monster. That has to be why these movies appeal to so many women.

Screenwriter John August (of Big Fish, Iron Man and Minority Report fame) has a few thoughts on the writing, or lack thereof, of Diablo 3. (John August)

When you think of big Canadian video game developers, generally you think of BioWare and Ubisoft. However, Burnaby, BC, plays host to a number of EA Sports developers, including those of the much-loved FIFA and NHL series. (GamesIndustry)

Here’s a collection of classic Ralph Wiggum quotes and moments. He’s a pop sensation.

Twelve-time professional wrestling champion and 1996 Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle tried out for the 2012 Olympics but couldn’t qualify because of injuries. So he tried his hand at some other events instead of wrestling.


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