Entertainment Link-Off: Rewriting History

In theatres this weekend, Pixar has another animated feature to unleash in the film Brave. Perhaps that Pixar magic is starting to lose its touch since the film has failed to achieve a tomatometer greater than 90% fresh. Anyway, on a non-family friendly look, there’s the twisted faux biopic Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. The film also stars Mary Elizabeth Winstead, so let’s start it all off with her.

After the jump, Spider-Man is doing alright, a few new trailers to check out, Transformers 4 will be scaled down a bit and Gary Oldman wants sports athletes to stay away from making movies.

Early buzz indicates that The Amazing Spider-Man isn’t all that bad. It definitely got the casting right. As for everything else? Who knows? (Slashfilm)

The next Transformers film will be $30 cheaper than Dark of the Moon but don’t call it a reboot as director Michael Bay insists that it is a continuation of the franchise. (LA Times)

Curious as to what David said to the Engineer in Prometheus? Well the not-so-surprising translation is found! (Slashfilm)

So with all this time to come up with an awesome concept for a Mortal Kombat movie, they have decided to start off with a lowly supermarket employee? (Bloody Disgusting)

More reasons why Twilight sucks. A nice infographic/chart that compares Hermione Granger and Bella Swan. (Geeks are Sexy)

So the folks behind the surprise hit Act of Valor is planning to make an attempt at sci-fi in The Prototype. Check out the teaser trailer. (Collider)

Could this be?!?! Sesame Street might have taken a page from The Muppets and are heading to the big screen. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Jim Carey has walked away from the Dumb and Dumber sequel because the movie studios weren’t feeling too enthusiastic about the project. Perhaps it’s a good idea since I don’t want to mess with the original film any more. It works as a stand alone comedy. (ET Online)

So the trailer for Dredd has finally hit the interwebs. Sadly it took a long time for the film to hit the theatres and from this, it looks like there will be lots of comparisons to another actioner The Raid. Just keep in mind that this film went into production before the critically acclaimed film from Gareth Evans.

It’s the Prometheus pre-prequel! Ever wonder why the scientists in the movie did all the stupid things that they did? This video will help explain it all.

Playing the two Total Recall trailers side by side. See the similarities between the remake and the original?

Gary Oldman is right. Athletes can’t act. Please stay out of movies!

Speaking of Gary Oldman, you’ll catch up in The Dark Knight Rises later this summer. Just when you thought all the trailers for this film has been released, here’s comes one last hurrah before it hits theatres in July.

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