Sunday Link-Off: Missing The Mark

Around here, we like to keep you apprised of the latest Canadian talent. The latest up-and-comer is Michea Crawford. And it’s pretty easy to see that she’s going to be in our 2013 Hottest Canadian bracket.

As a robot, Canadian Prime Minister Steven Harper has trouble grasping such things as distasteful comments and facts. He accused the NDP of being pro-Hitler in 1939. That was a fabrication because the NDP didn’t exist until 1961. Anyway, the Canadian people weren’t willing to let him get away with such a ridiculous statement. (CBC News)

Edvard Munch’s famous painting The Scream is up for sale this week. It’s estimated auction value is over $80 million. (Wall Street Journal)

ESPN is so busy trying to seem like a proper bunch of journalists that they’re forgetting basic journalistic principles. A recent report suggests that ESPN has no actual evidence that the New Orleans Saints wiretapped other teams. (Awful Announcing)

After the jump, how the NBA and WWE are similar, how husbands/wives feel about movie sex scenes and a Star Wars lip dub.

With the NFL draft wrapping up this weekend, it seemed like a good time to have a look inside an NFL draft war room. (ESPN)

The NBA playoffs start today. With the way that David Stern and the league influence the games and their outcomes, this comparison of the NBA to the WWE is fairly apt. (Grantland)

One of the best comedic actors on TV and in the movies right now is Chris Pratt. If you don’t watch Parks and Rec, you might have seen him in Moneyball or in theatres now in Five-Year Engagement. Given his rising star, GQ decided to do a Q&A with him. (GQ)

Canadian TV channel CHCH (out of Hamilton and is also a Canadian E! affiliate) took the practice of accidentally airing porn to a new level by accidentally broadcasting gay porn. (Gawker)

That bridges well into another of the great unanswered questions of TV/movies: How to spouses feel about seeing their significant other in sex scenes? (Quora)

Go to the University of Iowa’s journalism school has a new course for you to burn your money on. They’re now offering a course in video game writing. (Gamma Squad) By the way, expect an uptick in video game articles in the near future from us. Not a major one but some more feature articles than usual about gaming.

Top flight professional video game players in South Korea are a big deal. Take, for example, the legendary StarCraft champ BoxeR who is the subject of enough rumours about his personal and professional lives that professional athletes over here would find it overwhelming. (Kotaku)

The US Congress have given up on SOPA/PIPA to police the internet. Now, they’re piggybacking some of the same crap onto another bill not directly targeted at internet piracy but other crime. The effect will be the same but it’s well disguised in CISPA to avoid scrutiny. (Forbes)

Just for fun, here’s a gallery of Tom Brady’s most embarrassing photos. Where the “Brady-ing” photo? (Sports Pickle)

How did the band Hot Problems try to make a splash with their first single? They did something called a “lip dub” using Star Wars scenes. Boys, don’t let George see it if you want to keep any money from your sales from now until the Death Star blows us up.

Do stormtroopers regret their mistakes? This one regrets one that happened on the outskirts of Mos Eisley.

In last week’s ELO, I posted a fan-made Community intro for the Law and Order episode. Here’s the actual intro they went with. By the way, that episode was probably the most spot-on L&O parody ever.

Professor Shyguy covers Portal’s ending song in a video that references dozens of classic games.

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