Wednesday Link-Off: It’s Not Unusual

It’s the middle of the week so we bring you the usual at this day and time. It’s another set of Wednesday links. Let’s start off with one of the new Victoria’s Secret models, Behati Prinsloo.

Facts had a good run. Facts had been around for some 2,400 years but couldn’t overcome a good story. (Chicago Tribune)

We all know that Fenway Park turned 100 years old this weekend. Did you know that Tiger Stadium would have turned 100 if it was still standing? (Deadspin)

Is it possible to make yourself smarter? One author investigates. (New York Times)

After the jump, the Canseco crisis, Limbaugh’s hypocrisy and CARLTON DANCE!

There’s been a major change announced for Madden 13. Gus Johnson and Cris Collinsworth are out and the Insomniac Association Of America’s favourite broadcast team of Jim Nantz and Phil Simms have drawn in as the new announce team. (Awful Announcing)

For a couple of hours yesterday, Jose Canseco’s Twitter account disappeared. The internet panicked. Then he came back. Don’t scare us like that again Jose. (Off The Bench)

Penn State is really trying to save face over how badly it handled the Jerry Sandusky scandal. They’re trying to keep the family of the late Joe Paterno with a series of settlement offers but they’ve all been rebuffed by Joe Pa’s family. (Deadspin)

Fabrice Muamba was clinically dead after collapsing on a soccer field in the middle of an FA Cup match. He talks about his near-death experience and his hopes of recovery. (ESPN Soccernet)

Rush Limbaugh is a major proponent of the First Amendment protecting freedom of speech… Unless it’s directed against him. He demanded YouTube pull a video that compiled all his comments about Sandra Fluke which caused a number of sponsors to abandon his show. This being the internet, that video didn’t stay offline for long. (Daily Kos)  Rush is such a horrible, hate-filled windbag that it’s a surprise that any woman has voluntarily had sex with him.

So exactly how much money would you need to fill up a money bin to swim like Scrooge McDuck? I believe the technical term is “a shitload” of money. (The Billfold)

Could Parks and Rec’s April Ludgate be the best character on TV right now? (Slate)

I’ve got a bit of a pet project of a video game review percolating for the blog. That plays right into this link. It’s video of a panel discussion involving three of gaming’s biggest names talking about the importance of story compared to actual gameplay. (Joystiq)

Now that you’ve almost got your University degree done (assuming you’re near the end of university [Alexa says that you likely went to college]), now would be a good time to find out if you’re going to get a job. (The Daily Beast)

There’s a Carlton Dance song? Why was I not informed sooner?

If you’d prefer, you can watch a video of Alfonso Ribeiro leading a flash mob in the Carlton dance.

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