Wednesday Link-Off: Media Matters

It’s the middle of the week which means it’s time for another set of links. To switch things up, let’s go with Nina Agdal who I think might just make a run for next year’s SI Swimsuit cover.

So what’s really life backstage at the Final Four for the media? It’s full of drama and intrigue. Yes, I said that about the sports media. (Salon)

Dan Patrick and Keith Olberman reunited The Big Show on stage to mark the 20th anniversary of their first SportsCenter together. It was, as expected, awesome. (Fang’s Bites)

What’s the latest trend in pay cable channels? Sexposition. And, yes, this link is safe for work. Just don’t Google the word. (The Star-Ledger)

After the jump, where will Beadle go, Chris Jones quits the internet and how to quit a job… that you don’t actually have.

Bill Maher and I agree on something. Okay, that’s not exactly uncommon but we do completely agree on Ozzie Guillen’s suspension. (Gawker)

ESPN rising star Michelle Beadle’s contract expires this year. Unlike most of her fellow pending ESPN free agents, nobody really knows where she’s going to end up. (Sports Grid)

Speaking of ESPN, talented Grantland writer and even more talented blowhard/asshole Chris Jones is quitting the internet because people are being mean. He’d grow a pair but nobody would sex him/them right. (The Awl)

EA is still catching crap from homophobes for giving players the option to engage in homosexual relationships. Among the games where this is possible is Star Wars: The Old Republic. But Charlie Brooker says that it wouldn’t be Star Wars without the homosexuality. (Kotaku)

After all the crap that was raised about Kate Upton as a nun in a swimsuit in The Three Stooges movie, Kate’s great scene was dropped from the film. There is no justice in the world. (With Leather)

Greatest obituary ever? Greatest obituary ever! (Gawker) Somebody better write something this spectacular about me when I die. If Jackie’s right, my blood pressure is so high that I could literally keel over at any moment.

Let’s do some galleries before the YouTuberry. First is 23 cool behind the scenes photos from famous movies. (Urban Savior)

And here are 27 small but completely disastrous changes to famous video games. (Cracked)

Prank of the day: A guy goes around quitting jobs he doesn’t actually have.

I wish this was a real sport: It’s Extreme Curling.


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