Wednesday Link-Off: Wet Hot Aussie Summer

It’s a lovely Sunday here in Melbourne as The Steve Murray World Tour carries on. So let’s kick this off with some Aussie eye candy, Nicky Whelan.

Forbes has analyzed the value of all 30 NHL teams. There definitely aren’t surprises at #1 or #30 in value, that’s for sure. (Forbes)

If you’re up for a good read, here’s a more in depth look into Derek Boogaard’s life as an enforcer in the NHL before his untimely death this past summer. (NY Times)

How are Chinese spies getting inside info on Canada? Sexpionage! (National Post)

You favourite blogger and mine, Drew Magary, has a look at the 25 least influential people alive. I’m overjoyed that I didn’t make the list. (GQ)

After the jump a few stories on inappropriate relationships in sports, Craig James is a dumbass, Stan Lee does not help you make money anymore, another case of CNN fail and a classic Stone Cold Steve Austen moment.

In the middle of the Penn State scandal, former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky comes out to tell his side of the story. (NY Times)

Good news for IndyCar fans: Brian Barnhart has been removed for his job as the head of race control! That can only be a great thing for the series. (Speed Channel)

This simple post on why Craig James is a dumbass (part infinity) turned into an Fire/Occupy Craig James zone. I’m glad we never really see or hear from him in Canada. (The Big Lead)

How desperate were unspecified people to get the Big Ten Championship football game filled with people? They took out an ad looking for people willing to be paid seat fillers. (Rant Sports)

Today in strange stories, the wife of an accused child molesting Syracuse basketball assistant coach had affairs with some basketball players on the team. (Deadspin)

OMG, the company that provides 3D mapping software for Call of Duty and Assassin’s Creed is reporting a major drop in profits this year and they blame Stan Lee for his Guardian Project with the NHL. Given that I totally forgot about those ‘superheroes’ linked to the NHL teams… I suppose it’s safe to say it was indeed a failure. (Bleeding Cool)

Here’s the newspaper for the 21st century, until something new comes along. It’s a social media based newspaper that’s printed on a receipt. (Fast Company)

Looking for a new phone? Here are the top nine smartphones on the market right now. (Globe and Mail)

While we Canadians love our Brian Williams, America’s Brian Williams is pretty bad ass too. He anchored a whole episode of NBC Nightly News with a fire alarm screaming in the background without missing a beat. (Daily Telegraph)

Given that the constant changes that Facebook makes never quite satisfies the general public, here’s more suggested changes that we would like to see on the social networking site. (Cool Material)

For those drivers looking for a thrill, the 19 most dangerous race tracks in the world. (Sub 5 Zero)

Today’s photo gallery link of the day: The most powerful images of 2011. (Buzz Feed)

You’ve seen Jimmy Kimmel’s unnecessary censorship. So you should know what to expect from these unnecessary censorship in video games videos. (Geeks Are Sexy)

CNN fail. Captain Janks strikes again. The prankster somehow got through to CNN pretending to be Drexel student Gregory Porter who was detained in Egypt for allegedly throwing Molotov cocktails. So much for verifying sources before letting them on air huh?

100 greatest movie threats of all time.

Classic moment. Stone Cold Steve Austen takes on JBL in a beer drinking contest. Of course, it always ends on a typical Steve Austen fashion.

A nicely edited ‘what if’ scenario. What if Stone Cold Steve Austen was to take on CM Punk?


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