Wednesday Link-Off: In-Depth

I’m still waiting on G4 HD to show up here in the Western part of Canada (as deemed by the CRTC) so I don’t get to see much of Alison Haislip which is a damn shame.

A perpetual discussion at my 9-to-5 is the correct use of the English language. That’s why I have to link to this list of the nine most misused words in the English language. (Cool Story)

In slightly less happy but much cooler news, here’s a look inside the Essex County Homicide Task Force which tackles crimes, in among other places, Newark. (Star-Ledger)

And speaking of crime, here’s an in-depth look inside the corruption that mires FIFA. (Grantland)

After the jump, what’s not coming to the NHL R&D camp, Warren Buffett wants to pay more taxes and when safety cars aren’t so safe.

Found on Texts From Last Night: A story about a “super hot, super gay, super conservative christian NFL player.” Who is it? (Deadspin)

DGB has unearthed a secret communiqué between Gary Bettman and Brendan Shanahan ahead of this week’s NHL R&D camp. (Down Goes Brown)

Manchester United is issuing a $1 billion IPO in Singapore. (Wall Street Journal)

After being rumoured to be signing a TV deal with NBC and buying its own channel, it looks like the UFC might be going to FOX and FX. (Camel Clutch Blog)

Best 5K run ever? It’s a 5K zombie obstacle course run for your life. (Just A Guy Thing)

In more serious stuff, Warren Buffett, one of the richest men in the world, says that America needs to make the super-rich pay their share. (New York Times)

My (non-alcoholic and sugar-free) beverage of choice is a cup of coffee. Some might say that I have a coffee/caffeine-addition but we all know I’m not the only one with one. So here are some helpful hints on how to handle getting your caffeine fix. (Gizmodo)

In today’s cool photo galleries, it’s a look at NHL uniforms reimagined as if they were soccer jerseys. (Imgur)

What would Super Mario Brothers be like if it was made today? Well, it definitely wouldn’t be nearly as fun. (Zack Hiwiller)

And how about an infographic charting pro wrestling gimmicks. I need the print of that in my life. (Pop Chart Lab)

What happens when the safety car doesn’t drive safely? This compilation of racing crashes involving the safety car.

And what happens when a Justin Bieber concert in Mexico sells out? A bunch of teenage girls freaking out.


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