Wednesday Link-Off: Championship Edition

It’s time for another round of your favourite set of Wednesday links on The Lowdown Blog… Actually, it’s the only set of links we do on Wednesdays. Anyway, here’s Jarah Mariano.

The New York Times examines Twitter hashtags as only the NYT can. The hashtag they’re looking for to describe hashtags is #Winning. (New York Times)

Not one, right LeBron? Despite losing the NBA Finals and not showing up for them, LeBron James is still a cocksucker. Not my words but I agree with the sentiment. (Deadspin)

By the way, it’s Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final tonight. As a salute to sports’ greatest gladiators, here’s a comparison of hockey injuries to other sports injuries to show how tough they are. (Sports TV Jobs)

After the jump, the Dallas Mavs take South Beach, Bill Maher does Anthony Weiner and Chris is still like a Bosh.

Mark Cuban and the Mavs took their talents to South Beach after winning the title on Sunday night. Well, at least to the clubs in South Beach. (Black Sports Online)

Speaking of Cuban, he’s thinking that he’ll give a pass on the classic championship ring for something new. Here are a few alternatives that he can try. (Tauntr)

There’s the classic conspiracy theory that Michael Jordan retired to cover for an impending suspension for gambling. Could Shaq find himself hounded by a similar conspiracy? He’s in the middle of some potential legal bother involving kidnapping, robbery and a sex tape. (TMZ)

I don’t know if you heard but Kim Kardashian is getting married to some NBA scrub. Unlike Tony Romo’s wedding registry which was hilariously simple and low-key, Kim and Scrub like the hilariously overpriced things in life. (With Leather)

The biggest opposition of Bill Simmons’ new Grantland? Old blogosphere standard Deadspin. (Business Insider)

Ever wonder what the Ultimate Warrior used to say in his promos? Well, you definitely aren’t alone. Here’s a quick translation guide of one of Warrior’s pre-WrestleMania 6 promos. (Gunaxin)

And just for fun, here are 24 pro wrestling conspiracy theories. Some of these stretch the definition of “conspiracy theory” but some are pretty fun to read. (TruTV)

Samuel L. Jackson is the narrator of the audiobook version of “Go The Fuck To Sleep.” He’s the logical choice, really. (New York Times)

Speaking of narration, Bill Maher and Jane Lynch read some of Anthony Weiner’s Facebook dialogue. It’s completely NSFW but completely hilarious. (The Wire)

It’s the 12 best video game openings of all-time. I really thought the simple opening to ME1 was better than ME2. Though ME2’s was much more dramatic. (Complex)

Since I’m finally catching up on this season of Doctor Who, here’s The Doctor capping aliens.

Two dudes played Welcome To The Jungle on cellos. Pure awesome.

And how could we close out this linkdump with anything but the Chris Bosh theme song. LIKE A BOSH!

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