Sunday Link-Off: You Are Not…

Leading off her first ever linkdump here, it’s Elizabeth Hurley.

The USC Trojans football team seems perpetually in trouble with the NCAA over illegal benefits given to players. Well, it looks like things may get worse for them now that a USC student (and friend of some players) is a registered agent. (LA Times)

Like Maury but can’t watch it because you’re at work? Now you can find funny moments from recent Maury episodes on Tumblr. (Holy Maury Mother of God)

Gawker Media czar Nick Denton finally revealed how much Deadspin paid for the Favre dongslinger photos. It was surprisingly less than we were first led to believe. (Business Insider)

After the jump, how not to dance with a broom, Gran Turismo 5 and the best wedding introductions of all-time.

Bachman and Turner (without the Overdrive) may have rocked the Grey Cup but the real show stealer was the broom dancing guy during rehearsals. (55-Yard Line)

As of writing, Derek Jeter is still a free agent. I realize they’re closing in on a deal but you still have to wonder what Jeets would look like in the other 29 MLB uniforms. (The Beckett Blog)

With Qatar winning the 2022 World Cup, we were robbed of an opportunity to see something truly spectacular. And that was the chance to watch games in hologram. (Engadget)

Just in time for Hanukkah, it’s the official Florida Panthers yarmulke. (Puck Daddy)

Ever wonder if the street circuits in Gran Turismo are actually real? Well, one man took his Caterham around Tokyo R246 to see if you could really drive it. (Jalopnik)

And coming tomorrow to GT5 is the GT Academy. If you’re fast enough, you could win a chance to drive a real race car. (Joystiq)

Remember the video of the NBA Elite 11 demo that featured Andrew Bynum standing there like Jesus? Well, that’s only part of the story behind the cancellation of NBA Elite 11. (Kotaku)

Wrapping up video game news, the gang at IGN have put together a wish list for Mass Effect 3. (IGN)

Looking for a new job? You may want to avoid these jobs that are going to disappear in the not too distant future. (Yahoo Finance)

Want to buy a proper Canadian car but can’t find anything? Try HTT’s new offering which is a 750-hp beast. (Jalopnik)

Since I mentioned Qatar getting the 2022 World Cup earlier in the post, how about you take a look at the fancy stadiums they’re building. (Sports Illustrated)

Let’s do A Bit of Fry and Laurie. Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie lampoon the exciting personalities of F1 drivers.

A treat for old school wrestling fans. It’s The Fink, Howard Finkel, introducing the wedding party at a wedding reception. In case you were wondering, the groom is an independent wrestler.

A while back (maybe on one of my substitute Entertainment Link-Offs), I had the opening of Craig Ferguson’s special Doctor Who show. Well, here was the dance number they wanted to do to open.


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