Wednesday Link-Off: Ready for Kickoff

I didn’t realize that the MTV Movie Awards were this weekend. On the plus side, it meant we got to see more of Katy Perry.

So your time at university is over and you’ve got a purty little diploma. What are you going now? Maybe you should take a year off. (Lion’s Den U)

Only in Philadelphia: A toddler drinks beer at the ball game. (The Fightins)

I’ve mentioned recently that my favourite recent discovery on Twitter is @BuzzBissinger. Want a look inside the mind of the foul-mouthed Pulitzer Prize winner? Click here douche juices. (Philadelphia Magazine) I’m probably using Buzz’s favourite new word wrong.

After the jump, we gear you up for the World Cup, Bernie Madoff’s a prison yard hero, and don’t mess with La Parka.

Deadspin has a correspondent going to the 2010 World Cup. So naturally, his first story about a WAG. (Deadspin)

Sure all countries at the World Cup have some crazy singing national chant but what if they actually had their own songs? Here’s a list of proposed fight songs for soccer powerhouses. (Glide Magazine)

The Chicago Tribune isn’t run by the brightest folks in the world. They made a full-page poster of “Chrissy” Pronger which is going to become bulletin board material. (Puck Daddy)

Bernie Madoff is apparently a hero in prison. Doesn’t surprise me when you read what he thinks of his victims. (CNBC) In Soviet Russia, Madoff still fucks you but does so with government assistance.

In news that shocks this Canadian, beer sales are down in America. We’re doomed people! We don’t have a prayer! (The Atlantic)

In the span of a few years we’ve gone from HD to 3D TVs. Now, it looks like some form of Web TV is next. (The Next Web)

Both of today’s photo galleries celebrate the World Cup kicking off on Friday. The first is a look at all 32 posters ESPN did up for each country to promote the tourney. (A World Cup Report)

And, of course, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that South Africa is a land of beauty. Beautiful women, that is. Here’s a look at the 55 sexiest women of South Africa. (Bro Bible)

A fan tried to unmask Mexican wrestling legend La Parka. He didn’t take too kindly to it though.

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