Evening Link-Off: Because We Got High… Because We Got High… Because We Got High!

In 30 minutes or so, I expect you to be in front of the TV screen tuning into Friday Night Lights! The best drama on TV requires your attention! I don’t want any lame excuses… you better be tuned into NBC at 9 pm! (FNL airs on E! in Canada). Ok fine, the only legitimate excuse is that you’ve decided to watch Dollhouse and drool over the hotness of Eliza Dushku.

And now onto the news!

Apparently there are 1700 people in Canada that are licensed to grow marijuana for “medical purposes”. Well… I’m sure there’s no illegal activity going on since these “legal” grow ops are usually barricaded to prevent people from getting in. CTV Toronto

Canada is now the USA’s number 1 ecstasy supplier! Toronto Star Wow… with all those drugs floating around… no wonder our economy is going down the drain.

Speaking of bad economy… it appears that people are getting desperate to make money. Got eggs? Toronto Star

Even musicians are up for making a quick buck. MGMT sues Nicholas Sarkozy! Entertainment Weekly

Alright guys, time to head off to watch some FNL! (Assuming those drugs didn’t turn you off from intelligent programming).


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