Sunday Link-Off: Fact Check

I tried something new with the last linkdump and am doing this same this time out. It’s just a subtle reordering of links. The same sort of content there but now news comes ahead of sports. Anyway, let’s kick off with Canadian model Andi Muise. See, somethings don’t change.

Mitt Romney says he’s going to turn America around and save the middle class. But how the hell is he going to do that if he slashes Amtrak funding and won’t give the middle class a tax cut? (Huffington Post)

The Romney/Ryan campaign are also claiming that Obama is destroying Medicare while they’ll save it. ABC has done some fact checking and, wouldn’t you know it, they’re stretching the truth and talking out of their asses. (ABC News)

The NHLPA made their first CBA proposal last week. What does it actually say and what does it mean for ongoing negotiations? (Sportsnet)

After the jump, more on Romney/Ryan, two TV pilots have started bidding wars and NASA is a pretty cool bunch. Continue reading

The Humanoids: Say What You Mean

The most dangerous thing these days seems to be words. Thanks to the 24-hour news cycle and social media, if you’re famous, your words will live on forever. Anything controversial or contradictory you say will spread like wildfire throughout the Twitterverse and blogosphere. Just ask Ozzie Guillen. Continue reading