Sunday Link-Off: A Profile

Since we’ve got a lot of people searching the blog for her, let’s start with Jennifer Lawrence.

I think I’ve mentioned this before but this year is the five-year anniversary of the creation of Twitter. So here’s the behind the scenes story of how Twitter was founded. (Business Insider)

And on that Twitter note, Simon Pegg tells the story of how he ended up on Twitter. (New Statesman)

The NBA playoffs started this weekend. Instead of your typical video game based simulation, though, SB Nation is using crappy 1990s video games to pick each series winner. (SB Nation)

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Wednesday Link-Off: Winning

Jennifer Lawrence may have not won an Oscar for best actress but she was definitely winning on Sunday night.

The folks at GQ were planning on running this profile of Charlie Sheen in their April issue. With all that’s happened with him over the last few days, they’ve released the profile early online. That’s winning. (GQ)

Gordon Bombay has some advice for Charlie Sheen. Bombay did get a DUI in ’92 so he has some experience. That’s how he ended up¬†coaching District 5.¬†(Tauntr)

Want an early front-runner to win the potential NFL lockout? I’d take the owners. Some have enough money to weather a two-year lockout. (CNN Money)

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