Entertainment Link-Off: We Used To Be Friends

kristen bell veronica mars premiereIn theatres this week, there’s the highly anticipated video game adaptation Need for Speed! For those that were into the cult TV classic Veronica Mars, after a very long wait, we finally get a followup movie for a show that was cancelled way too soon! Let’s kick it off with Veronica Mars herself Kristen Bell at the premiere for the film. 

After the jump, learn how to run a TV show in 2014, an amazing Matrix fan film to check out, a cool concept movie trailer to see, Game of Thrones sorta has an end date, and watch the hilarious blooper reel from Anchorman 2.

Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas talks about the Kickstarter campaign, season 4 and more in celebration of the release of the movie. (Collider)

Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence talks about the pros and cons of running a network TV series and how the job of a showrunner has changed over the years. (Buzzfeed)

Bryan Singer teases that X-Men: Apocalypse will be an 80s period piece with mass destruction. I think the title of the movie kinda signifies that. (Comic Book Movie)

The Avengers got slapped with an R rating twice before some final tweaking made it ‘kids friendly’. Curious to know which scene that caused the ratings bump? Find out from Kevin Feige. (Movies.com)

Catch Grant Gustin in the full costume as The Flash in the upcoming CW pilot. (Comic Book Resources)

Check out this amazing Matrix fan film Trickster. (Slashfilm)

This video has already gone viral and many people have seen this already but it’s worth a mention. Catch Barack Obama making a visit to Zack Galifinakis’ talk show Between Two Ferns. (Funny or Die)

Now that they have cast The Fantastic Four, it is appropriate they are starting their search for the actor to play the villain Doctor Doom. (The Wrap)

Sad news in Hollywood. Hal Douglas, the man famous for his voice in narrating movie trailers has passed away at the age of 89. (NY Times)

Jean Claude Van Damme had such a good time making Expendables 2, he is now asking Stallone to write him back in for the 4th Expendables movie. (Movies with Butter)

While Hollywood uses teaser trailers to sell films to the public, filmmakers create teaser trailers to convince the movie studies to help them make their movie. Zack Lipovsky has created one heck of an interesting clip for Chrononaut. Check it out. (Vimeo)

According to Rotten Tomatoes, X-Men: Days of Future Past is the most anticipated film of this summer. (Rotten Tomatoes)

According to a deranged pastor, Disney’s Frozen is turning your kids gay. (Slashfilm)

Liam Neeson was courted to play James Bond, but his he had a very good reason to turn down the role all those years ago. (The Playlist)

The showrunners for Game of Thrones intend to end the series around season 7 or 8. That likely means the series will end before George R.R. Martin can finish the novel series himself. (Vanity Fair)

Watch the hilarious blooper reel for Anchorman 2 where the cast fails to stay classy in some of the funny moments in the movie.

Since I mentioned Game of Thrones earlier, here’s the new season 4 trailer to wet you appetites.

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