Wednesday Link-Off: The Best of Times, The Blurst of Times

anais-pouliot-victoriassecret14-04Before any accuses me of breaking my Olympic boycott, I insist that stories embarrassing to the IOC and the Sochi Organizing Committee are in keeping in the spirit of the boycott. I am not supporting them with the Olympic links in this post.

Alright, it’s Wednesday which means that it’s time for the links. Since it’s the run up to Valentine’s Day, here’s a Valentine’s Day themed shoot from Canadian Victoria’s Secret model Anais Pouliot.

Occupy Wall Street protester Cecily McMillan is facing seven years in prison for being beaten unconscious by the NYPD. You can’t call it “the American justice system” because clearly there is no justice. (The Sparrow Project)

Michael Sam has a very good chance of being the first openly gay athlete in a major American team sport after coming out this weekend. Hopefully that doesn’t drop him right out of the upcoming NFL draft. (Outsports)

While we’ve been focusing on Russia’s domestic issues that have made these games morally unbearable, Putin’s backing of the Syrian government has allowed for them to slaughter thousands of innocent civilians. Why is Russia allowed to host these Olympics despite their near cartoonish villainy. (The New Yorker)

Just when you thought Olympic figure skating was done being corrupt, the French press are reporting that the Russians and Americans are swapping votes in the team and ice dancing events to help their own athletes. (Toronto Star)

Speaking of figure skating, despite public perception of the sport, the male skaters also don’t come out closet if they are gay. Apparently the sport is very homophobic. (BuzzFeed)

A Russian news site says that Deadspin editor Barry Petchesky was stripped of his media credential for destroying his media hotel room. There’s one problem with that story: Barry isn’t in Sochi for the Olympics. (Deadspin)

We all think that college football recruiting is “dirty” per NCAA rules. Even the NCAA is willing to paint the clean ones with that brush. (CBS Sports)

Remember a couple of weeks ago when Rick Reilly was giving out about Regis Philbin being old? Well, Rick’s back to plagiarizing his old columns rather than earning his paycheck. Never change, Rick. (Deadspin)

Vancouver is home to Canada’s first crackpipe vending machine. When does Rob Ford have them installed in Toronto? (CTV)

Speaking of Mayor Ford, he’s doing a lot to seem like he’s anti-gay. Will homophobia help him win the next mayoral election? (Toronto Star)

Business Insider accused BuzzFeed of buying traffic from Facebook. They quickly changed their tune and tried hiding the original content of the article. What gives? (Gawker)

The Beatles might be considered one of the greatest bands of all-time but when they first came to America 50 years ago, critics were singing a different tune. (LA Times)

Here’s the best goal celebration of the year (so far) and the worst red card of the year (period).

OSW Review has their Golden Nogger awards celebrating the best of the show in 2013. Happy days are here again.

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