Wednesday Link-Off: The Politics of Failure

danielle-knudson-guess14-02We’re just a few days away from the Super Bowl and can you feel the excitement in the air? Okay, neither can I. All I can feel is frozen. Mind you, I would like watching a game with snow and cold. It’s like the Snow Bowl edition of the Grey Cup. Fantastic setting for a football game.

Anyway, it’s Wednesday so that means that it’s time for the links. Let’s start with Canadian model Danielle Knudson.

It’s been a while since we had some good old-fashioned fact checking but Rob Ford’s speech to the Toronto Economic Club warranted it. It was for the stuck in an elevator story though. (Torontoist)

While the Americans are struggling with unemployment after the bank bailouts and economic crisis, Iceland letting banks failing has allowed their unemployment to get below 4%. (Bloomberg)

People often mock Republicans for living in a bubble and creating their own reality but Ted Cruz confirmed that on national TV this weekend. He went on Face the Nation and flatout lied about the government shutdown. Even veteran journalist Bob Schieffer couldn’t help but laugh at him. (Raw Story)

The Super Bowl is supposed to be a big economic boon to the host city. Officials claim that New York will get a benefit of up to $600 million. Economists aren’t so sure. (New York Times)

Since it’s Super Bowl weekend, how about a profile of Fox Sports star and the best newsbreaker in the NFL, Jay Glazer. (GQ)

Does NBC have a hand in setting various US Olympic teams to help them generate more ratings? It seems that way. (Sports on Earth)

I always kind of wondered how Michel Therrien went from Stanley Cup finalist to unemployed next season in Pittsburgh. How well he’s coaching the Habs right now easily illustrates why. (Puck Daddy)

This week is NASCAR’s big media availability for all teams and drivers. Naturally, all anyone wanted to ask Gene Haas was about his planned F1 team not his NASCAR team with three top drivers (and Danica). (ESPN F1)

Remember when Fox Sports 1 was all excited about a show with Regis? Well, he’s retiring (again) after the Super Bowl and his show is getting overhauled. (The Big Lead)

How different do The Godfather’s iconic locations look today compared to when the movies were filmed? (Scouting New York)

The Google Street View car took on The Stig on the Top Gear Test Track. Stig was literally driving circles around him.

Wrestling fans were quite disappointed with this weekend’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view. Wrestling legend Mick Foley was very disappointed with it.

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