Weekend Geek Links of the Week

I didn’t actually do the Geek Links of the Week over at et geekera this week but I still have one for you guys here this week. At some point, Caption This and the Entertainment Link-Off will be back. Just not this week.

How broken is YouTube’s Content ID system? A YouTuber had his video claimed by multiple music publishers for having the audacity to sing an a capella version of Silent Night. [Consumerist]

Solid State Drives will eventually be cheaper than Hard Disc Drives but don’t expect that until the next decade. [Network Computing]

According to a German insurance company, gamers cause about $130,000 of in-game damage per minute playing Grand Theft Auto V. [ShortList]

Square Enix might be open to the possibility of making Final Fantasy X-3 if the demand for the X/X-2 Remastered is high enough. [Siliconera]

Canadian StarCraft pro Scarlett came up just a bit short in the biggest show match in SC2 history. [et geekera]

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