Wednesday Link-Off: Rise and Fall

amy-adams-vanityfair14-05It’s the middle of the week and I’m likely in the middle of a mountain of snow as you read this. The forecast is calling for a tonne of snow at Lowdown HQ so I’m expecting to be digging out for a whole. So much fun. Anyway, it’s time for the links. Here’s Amy Adams.

At one point in time, BlackBerry was the unquestioned king of the mobile sector. Now, they’re an afterthought. Here’s the rise and fall of BlackBerry. (Businessweek)

David Simon, the man behind The Wire, explains how capitalism has divided America into two nations. (The Guardian)

Rob Ford said some things that had people crying slander after an interview with Conrad Black. (Toronto Star)

You probably shouldn’t be surprised but the FBI is using malware to do a lot of invasive surveillance on targets. (Washington Post)

Does China have a pollution problem? Not according to the Chinese state media. (The Guardian)

If there’s one thing that Canadian hockey fans have been arguing about for months, it’s who should be Team Canada’s starting goalie in Sochi. The problem is that Canada just isn’t producing the same calibre of goalie. (The Globe and Mail)

You can’t pay college football players but you can give them some nice swag for making it to a bowl game. (Sports Business Journal)

Speaking of college football, here’s where each of the Heisman Trophies awarded have ended up. (Washington Post)

I loved this weekend’s Lions/Eagles game… Apart from the result. One columnist who wants a Super Bowl at Green Bay’s Lambeau Field didn’t like football in the snow. Oh, sweet irony. (Deadspin)

Bob Barker is back on The Price Is Right for a week to celebrate his 90th birthday. Hopefully, he can inject some life back into the show that’s been lacking since Drew Carey took over. (Previously.TV)

Have I ever shown you guys this video of Adam West on Memphis wrestling?

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