Wednesday Link-Off: The Shut Down that Never Ends

kim-cloutier-wacoal13-01It seems to be a quiet week in the world this week. I’ve been trying to dig up links but there isn’t much to link to but we still have the best links on the interweb. For now, let’s start the links with Lowdown Blog favourite Kim Cloutier.

While there seems to be some dissent between the Tea Party and more progressive GOP congressmen, the Democrats can’t capitalize because of a new rule the GOP enacted just before the shut down. (Gawker)

Along the same lines of my recent et geekera column, the NYT just realized that the news media is biased too. (New York Times)

It’s sad but American high school athletes getting preferential treatment from the legal system and getting away with rape is more common that we care to admit. (Kansas City Star)

How much data did the NSA collect in your typical day? Well, only about 700,000 of email address books and 500,000 friend lists from IM services. (Washington Post)

Glenn Greenwald, the reporter behind the Edward Snowden story, is leaving The Guardian to start his a new media venture. (BuzzFeed)

If you want to write a “next level analysis” of Cowboys QB Tony Romo, don’t plagiarize it. (The Big Lead)

Not surprisingly for a big Hollywood film, Captain Phillips has almost no basis in reality. (New York Post)

Banksy had an unannounced art sale in Central Park. The surprise sale made him almost no money. (This is Colossal)

BuzzFeed explains the 29 stages of a big Twitter shitstorm. It’s surprisingly accurate. (BuzzFeed)

A man at New York Comic Con used his panel question to get Trevor from GTA5 to tell him to go fuck himself. Awesome balls!

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