Sunday Link-Off: Changing the Story

sunny-leone-askmen13-01With another Sunday, it’s time for another set of the links. I haven’t started writing this week’s blog posts yet so I don’t know what to tell you to expect apart from the F1 Power Rankings on Thursday. In the meantime, let’s start this post with Sunny Leone.

It takes something massive for US politicians to all agree on something but they all agreed that they didn’t like Vlad Putin’s op-ed in the New York Times. (USA Today)

Remember how gung-ho people were about gun control in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting? The gun lobby have managed to end any chance on gun control happening. (The Atlantic)

Anthony Weiner finished last in the Democratic primary for the New York mayoral election. It wasn’t all for naught. Ex-sexting flame Sydney Leathers made an appearance at his election party. (Politico)

The GOP are threatening sports leagues not to support Obamacare. Well, not all sports leagues. They couldn’t be bothered to send a letter to MLS about Obamacare. (New York Magazine)

We’re used to seeing rankings of the top 50 or 100 schools in a country or the world but that doesn’t paint the whole picture. President Obama has suggested implementing a ratings system to show students what they’re getting into at every post-secondary institution in America. (US News)

Vanity Fair is writing hard news about Hollywood rather than fluff and promotional pieces and some stars aren’t happy about that. (New York Times)

Twitter is going public with an IPO. It couldn’t go nearly as badly as Facebook’s, could it? (Wall Street Journal)

Jim Ross retired from the WWE last week or did he? Was his retirement of his choosing or was he pushed by the WWE because he couldn’t shut up a drunk Ric Flair at a Q&A panel? (Larry Brown Sports)

I wouldn’t have a problem with Michael Waltrip Racing’s team orders if they hadn’t caused a caution by forcing Clint Bowyer to intentionally spin out. Not only was NASCAR pissed off but MWR’s sponsors are very unhappy. (Jalopnik)

MWR driver Brian Vickers explains his side of the story. (USA Today)

Is TSN’s Darren Dreger an NHL insider or an inside man promoting the Maple Leaf’s agenda? (Puck Daddy)

A vending machine in the Ukraine is selling shots of vodka. When can we get that here? (Faux News)

Apparently fashion week is a wasteland that you’d be best to avoid. (Vice)

What if Monty Python and the Holy Grail was actually a period drama?

Sometimes the best gaming content isn’t the serious stuff but people just screwing around. This might best be shown by Biggi and Banzaii of BirgirPall.

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