Entertainment Link-Off: Show Me the Money

ronda-rousey-maxim13-03Jackie’s off this weekend and I’ve drawn in. As tends to be the case when I do the ELO, I don’t have any good new releases to talk about this weekend. Sure, Denzel’s got a new movie with Marky Mark but it doesn’t sound like 2 Guns is a great film. If you’d rather completely melt your brain out your ear, you can always check out The Smurfs 2. Poor NPH getting stuck with this.

Let’s start off today’s links with UFC Women’s champ and Ultimate Fighter coach Ronda Rousey.

We’re a couple of weeks removed from the 2013 edition of the San Diego Comic Con but there are still important things to talk about. Nobody is talking about SDCC’s harassment policy and at least one big blog practically endorsing harassment but we should be talking about it. (The Mary Sue)

Spike Lee has a movie Kickstarter up right now. What is with people who have access to movie funding taking fans’ hard-earned cash and giving them nothing in return unless they drop $50. (IndieWire)

Breaking Bad returns next week. The Times gave the show, and Bryan Cranston’s performance as Walter White, a long-form profile piece. (New York Times)

Did you know that Bryan Cranston used to do monster voices on Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers? (Uproxx)

Bad news! Rob Lowe and Rashida Jones are leaving Parks and Rec mid-way through next season. (Pajiba)

Good news! Seth MacFarlane is out as Oscars host and in is Ellen Degeneres. Now, if we can just get MacFarlane off of TV and movies altogether, that would make the world a better place. (Film Drunk)

Did you know that the writer of Cool Runnings, Little Giants and Shrek was strung out on heroin when he wrote all three? (Reddit AMA)

Wolverine’s been around for just a little while in the comic book world. Unfortunately for him and his fans, the folks at Marvel have done far worse things to him than make X-Men Origins: Wolverine. (Cracked)

Given the first link of the post, I thought poaching this link from the sister site was appropriate. Square Enix has given the lead character of FF13 a breast enlargement and added jiggling physics. Gaming’s already got a sexist reputation and shit like this doesn’t help. (et geekera)

It may have been controversial but Rolling Stone’s Dzhokhar Tsarnaev cover doubled the magazine’s usual sales. (Hypervocal)

What would wi-fi look like if you could see it? (Vice)

Vanity Fair has their international best dressed list for 2013 if that interests you. (Vanity Fair)

If there’s one thing that Denzel is good at, apart from acting, it’s making guarantees.

It’s time for this week in unnecessary censorship.

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