Wednesday Link-Off: With or Without Google Reader

chrissy-teigen-gq13-09Welcome to the post-Google Reader era of The Lowdown Blog. So this weekend has seen troubles with me finding a new RSS reader and WordPress screw up image embedding so now most of them won’t work in a paragraph. So I don’t know if the linkdump image is going to be to the right of this paragraph or above. It might eventually sort itself out. I’ve noticed that this has gone retroactive so it looks like some update got pushed down that messed up the layout.

Anyway, let’s start this post with Chrissy Teigen.

Getting kicked out of two of the most popular bands of the 90s would completely devastate most men but Jason Everman isn’t most men. (New York Times)

The iWatch isn’t something that Apple has to make for you or me but it has to make it for their investors. (The Atlantic Wire)

The NRA might blame video games but it looks like Newtown school shooter Adam Lanza was a student of mass murders. (Orlando Sentinel)

I’m not saying that JLo is only about the money but it’s the only plausible explanation for performing for the repressive ruler of Turkmenistan. (Daily Telegraph)

The NBA won’t tolerate players having a personality but they will willingly tolerate a racist as an owner. (Jeff Pearlman)

Microsoft Xbox boss Don Mattrick is leaving for Zynga. So it’s from one hated gaming company to another. (et geekera)

Was Boy Meets World secretly a front for the Illuminati and Free Masons? No but it sure makes for a great story. (Warming Glow)

If you can stay up late enough, you should be watching Craig Ferguson on The Late Late Show. (Uproxx)

Just for fun, here’s a list of the 101 best restaurants in America. (The Daily Meal)

A couple of Canada Day links to wrap up. First, it’s a look at the top box office draws from Canada. (Pajiba)

And do you know which stars are from Canada and who isn’t? There’s a quiz for that. (Mental Floss)

What happens when the interns are left to create news graphics? This awesome and hilarious disaster.

And since I’m short on videos, here’s a hit from a CFL game.

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