Canadian PSN Users Can Get Freebies Thanks to a Class-Action Lawsuit

playstation-network-logoIf Canadian users on the PlayStation Network or with Qriocity or Sony Online Entertainment accounts thought they had gotten all the freebies they could out of Sony after the 2011 PSN hack, think again. A recently settled class-action lawsuit in Ontario means that Canadian PSN/SOE users can get some more free stuff from Sony.

PSN users can get a new game (in addition to the two you got during the Welcome Back campaign when the PSN was restored) from a short list of games that were already on the Welcome Back list. Fat Princess was added to the list so I think I know what I’m getting. PSN users could alternatively go for their choice of three dynamic themes or a 50% discount on three months of a PlayStation Plus subscription.

Qriosity users affected can file a claim for one free month of Music Unlimited service. SOE account holders can get $4.50 in “station cash” into their SOE account wallet. Users who were victims of identity theft have their own claim form separate of these three.

According to the claims website, users have 60 days from the date the settlement is finalized by the Superior Court of Ontario to file a claim. Currently, the settlement is scheduled to be finalized on June 10, 2013. That would put the filing deadline on August 9, 2013. Those dates are subject to change and official confirmation.

For more information, visit the PlayStation Network – Sony Online Entertainment Canada Settlement website.

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