Sunday Link-Off: Wonderful Easter Time

irina-shayk-xti13-09You know, there aren’t many (maybe any) songs about Easter. What if Sir Paul McCartney did an Easter song? Would he do Wonderful Easter Time as the logical follow-up to Wonderful Christmastime? Anyway, let’s kick off this not even slightly Easter themed post with Irina Shayk.

Writer Jay Caspian Kang looks back at last year’s shooting at Oikos University and examines the effect that it had on various parties involved. (New York Times)

Nick D’Alosio just made $30 million by selling a story summarizing app to Yahoo. His Summly app condenses articles down to four “need-to-know” lines using a licensed algorithm to do so. Not only is the app apparently not that good, D’Alosio’s reputation in the tech community isn’t that great. (Gawker)

Meagan Marie is a community manager for Crystal Dynamics. She’s one of the seemingly few women working in a video games industry that’s often fairly regarded as sexist or misogynistic. When she wrote about some of the moronic and misogynistic things one so-called member of the gaming media said at PAX East, she heard from the rather unsavoury corners of the interweb. But she’s absolutely right in what she says and all gamers should read her blog post about it. (Meagan Marie)

Forbes analysis of NHL franchise values showed an overall increase in value despite the lockout costing the league half a season. The reason is the fact that TV deals are increasingly lucrative. That’s a pattern across all sports. Don’t expect this TV deal bubble to burst any time soon. (Fox Sports)

James Mirtle of the Globe & Mail had a great look at man-games lost by team so far this season in the NHL. His article has mysteriously vanished without a mention by the author or newspaper. So here’s another list of man-games lost in the league as of last Sunday. My Wings are leading the way so I have an excuse for underwhelming performance. (Man Games Lost)

As you probably know, I’m a bit of a Detroit Tigers fan. My boy is the Tigers’ clutchest player Don Kelly. If you need help picking your favourite Tiger, consult this handy flowchart. (Bless You Boys)

If you want more baseball, try this quiz in which you have five minutes to name all thirty teams. (Mental Floss)

When Lucasfilm announced that The Clone Wars animated series was coming to an end, they said that they would wrap up the series with some “bonus content.” However, that bonus content won’t include two characters introduced in the series that were among the show’s primary focuses. (et geekera)

Taco Bell recently released the Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Taco. Obviously, Cool Ranch is the best Doritos chip flavour so would this trump the original Doritos Taco? (Snacktaku)

Want to do something special/crazy for your Easter brunch? Try Scotch Creme Eggs! (Serious Eats)

How would residents of the hipster Williamsburg neighbourhood in Brooklyn react if Guy Fieri opened one of his infamous restaurants in their corner of the world? A little like this. (Uproxx)

If you weren’t a fan of The Hangover, you’d think that this trailer is a bit redundant but what if The Hangover wasn’t a comedy but a horror.

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