Sunday Link-Off: Happy Pro Bowl… Oh, Who Am I Kidding?

erin-heatherton-victoriassecret13-04It’s PRO BOWL SUNDAY! Are you ready for some half-speed football?! A Hawaiian party! The whole house can’t be bothered so let’s get it over with!

Take that Hank Williams Jr. Even I can write football theme lyrics. Alright, to keep with the football theme of the start of this post, here’s Erin Heatherton. She’s dating a Cleveland Browns tight end you haven’t heard of and won’t hear about again if they break up.

The US Congress approved a temporary debt ceiling increase until mid-April. Presumably, the Republicans controlling the House of Representatives are going to look for spending cuts but if you look at the numbers, the Obama administration has already started reigning in spending. (Washington Post)

A court says that Rob Ford can still be mayor of Toronto. He may be a national embarrassment but he’s a national embarrassment that we can all laugh at. (Gawker)

Want to treat everyone fair and equally? Well, that’s not the Boy Scout way. The Boy Scouts of America is threatening to throw out a troop that doesn’t want to discriminate against gay members. (Mother Jones)

After the jump, how ESPN dropped the ball on Manti Te’o, the history of THQ and Hollywood sucks at math.

The Manti Te’o story still hasn’t died but at least we’re finding out new things. For example, this week, we learned how ESPN lost out on the Manti Te’o story because they wouldn’t run with anything until they had a TV interview. (New York Times)

The NFL isn’t a very kind bunch of folks. Ask the man who trademarked HarBowl until the NFL bullied him into giving up the trademark. (Washington Examiner)

They haven’t finalized plans for Fox Sports 1 but it looks like Fox is hard at work at converting Fuel TV into Fox Sports 2. (Sports Business Daily)

For a couple of hours, it sounded like Wayne Gretzky was going to be named the President of the Toronto Maple Leafs. However, it was just speculation that turned into a major story. How did that happen? (Pension Plan Puppets)

The always outspoken and always entertaining Dana White did a Q&A with SI. It’s worth a read if you’re an MMA fan. (Sports Illustrated)

Not to sound like too much of a cynic (which is hard for me) but you had to know that there was more than “irreconcilable differences” for why Danica Patrick was getting a divorce. I figured being single would help her popularity with men and make her more marketable. (To be honest, I think that’s the reason why many female celebrities are single. Though I think that says more about the easy manipulation of delusional male fantasies than anything else.) It turns out that, three months after filing for divorce, she’s dating another driver. (The Big Lead)

In his inauguration speech, President Obama essentially said that America needed to build a better technological infrastructure to create jobs in the long-term. How exactly can that be done? (New York Times)

You may not know who Drew Struzan is but you’ve seen his work. The man behind the Star Wars movie posters talks about the new trilogy and if he’ll have any involvement. (The Mary Sue)

In less than a quarter-century, THQ went from a start-up to major publisher to dead. Here’s the history of THQ. (Kotaku)

Have you ever read a self-published book? There are some really strange ones on the market. (Jest)

For more laughs, watch this compilation of Segway fails. Who knew that controlling a little electric-powered scooter was so damn hard?

There aren’t a lot of smart people in movies. They all seem to hate math. Morons.

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