Entertainment Link-Off: A Night Away From The Movies

rosie-huntington-whiteley-autograph13-01I’m back in for Jackie as his internet tubes unmelt. Meanwhile, mine are still thawing after a snap freeze. I’m sure if you were to compare the highest temperature (with humidity) that Jackie’s had in January with my coldest temperature (with windchill), we’d be looking at a 70° C swing.

I’d like to say that this weekend would be a good one to get away to the theatre but if you are, don’t check out the new releases. As of writing, all three of this weekend’s big releases are under 33% fresh at Rotten Tomatoes. There’s the reimagined action version of Hansel & Gretel starring Hawkeye and Strawberry Fields, a new Statham movie which just reinforces the fact that you should watch a Liam Neeson movie instead and another “multi/intertwining-story” comedy movie in Movie 43. The critics say avoid them all at all costs.

Anyway, let’s start this post with Statham’s current squeeze… Okay, scratch the use of the classic Macho Man Randy Savage term in proximity of Statham because he’s not worthy. So here’s Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

In case you’ve been under a rock, J.J. Abrams is reported to direct Star Wars Episode VII. This is a good thing, right? (et geekera)

If celebrities were Pokemon, who would evolve into whom? Some of these are pretty cool. (gusNYC)

By the way, how bad is Movie 43? The New York Post gave is minus four stars. Can a negative rating count for less than zero on their Metacritic score and Tomato Meter? (New York Post)

Given the sort of sci-fi theme to this post so far, here are 20 facts you may not have know about The Avengers. (Pajiba)

By the way, the S.H.I.E.L.D. TV series pilot has begun filming. Will we actually get this series or is it just a geek pipe dream. (The Mary Sue)

There are some actors who are very good at playing one type of character so that’s all they do. Here are six actors who play the same role in every movie they’re in. (Cracked)

Remember that new film Lindsay Lohan’s in? It’s so bad that they won’t let it show at Sundance or SXSW. (Film Drunk)

I mentioned it last week but this week, Glee aired their blatant rip-off of Jonathan Coulton. Down with Glee and Fox! (Jonathan Coulton)

Unfortunately, Coulton isn’t the only one to get ripped off by Fox, Glee and creator Ryan Murphy. There’s a history of the show hosing smaller independent artists. (Wired)

Speaking of people involved with terrible TV shows, Charlie Sheen left Two and a Half Men and is the star of a new experiment in TV with Anger Management. Both the filming and selling of the show is a whole new way of doing TV. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Speaking of a new way of doing TV, we’re seeing Netflix become a more and more viable way of doing television. Some big names in Hollywood are teaming up to launch a series on the internet distributor. (FastCo)

Mad Men is coming back to Season Six, its second-to-last, on April 7th. Here’s what to expect from this year’s episodes. (The Week)

Fox News says that the popularity of Downton Abbey is because America loves rich people. Stephen Colbert agrees with them saying that Breaking Bad’s popularity is because America loves meth dealers. (Uproxx)

TV shows are starting to get cancelled mid-run after we lost Don’t Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23 and Ben & Kate this week. So which of your favourite and least favourite shows are likely safe and which are on the chopping block? (Warming Glow)

Sometimes, it’s not a whole show but just certain episodes that are taken off the air. Here are 15 episodes of popular TV shows that were temporarily banned from airing. (Mental Floss)

Who doesn’t love an honest movie trailer? Here’s one for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Sadly, it’s so damn true.

I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned that I’m a huge Seinfeld fan. Anyway, this trailer combining Kramer’s business moments and him getting into trouble is pretty cool. The only problem is that I find the use of FF7’s world map music at the start of the trailer was distracting. God I love that game.

Matt Damon finally snapped and took over Jimmy Kimmel Live.

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