Wednesday Link-Off: Speak The Truth

alessandra-ambrosio-victoriassecret13-02This week has been an interesting week for news if you can get past all the news about Lance Armstrong. There are stories about America’s political right and some bizarre ones out of here in Canada. But before we get to that, here’s Alessandra Ambrosio. By the way, she had a kid last May. Not that you can tell.

The NRA wasn’t always the most feared lobby group on Capitol Hill. For a long time, they were happy to be solely about gun safety. In the 70s, that all changed. (Washington Post)

It’s not often that folks in the media admit that they are wrong but Buzz Bissinger admitted that he was wrong to defend Lance Armstrong from doping allegations. (The Daily Beast)

David Walsh was the first man to suggest that Lance Armstrong wasn’t on the up and up all the way back in 1999. How does he feel now that his suspicions have been vindicated? (Sunday Times)

After the jump, some news media fails, sticking up for BioWare and the dogs invading a soccer game video of the day.

What’s the latest priority for the Republican Party? Stopping everyone from talking about rape. They only say dumb shit when they do that. (Politico)

The Atlantic is in some hot water after prominently running a sponsored post that was blatant Scientology propaganda. (Gawker)

What does a magazine that can’t fact check a story from a satirical CBC radio show do when they’re duped? They blame the CBC and call it nefarious. (National Post)

A University of Toronto sex ed group is holding a sexual awareness week. The kickoff party is at a known swingers club. It’s very much a sexual awareness event. (Toronto Star)

A senior writer for CNET resigned from the website after parent company CBS interfered in the editorial process because they didn’t want an award going to a company they’re suing. (New York Times)

MLSE’s new owners allegedly turfed Leafs GM Brian Burke because they want to win. So why are they letting the Raptors tank again? (Sporting News)

The Rock is back for one of his brief PR stints in the WWE to make more money in Hollywood. The problem is that the crap that shoot out of his mouth is demeaning to just about anyone who isn’t a roided up guy. (The Wrestling Blog)

Some people aren’t happy with how BioWare is adding same-sex relationships to Star Wars: The Old Republic. Other don’t want it in there at all. They’re all wrong. (et geekera)

The video game burning in Connecticut was cancelled before it happened. However, doing that would be taking attention off the real issues. (IGN)

How about a little more wrestling before we wrap up? Here are some very funny old WCW promotional photos. (With Leather)

Before it gets pulled off of YouTube, check out this video of the best knockouts of 2012.

Today’s cute video of the day: Two dogs invade the pitch at a Turkish soccer match.

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