Not News of the Week

If it’s not worth talking about, then it must be the Not News of the Week.

A Houston woman got into a car crash with a bus while driving her three kids. When she got out of her car, it wasn’t to find help. She was getting ice cream from the nearby CVS Pharmacy. If that wasn’t enough to cool her down, she also stripped while eating the ice cream. For her trouble, the woman was charged with child endangerment. I hope she tries to defend herself on the grounds of it being 91+ degrees that day.

It really is a small world after all. A Florida couple were going through old photos to use at their wedding reception when they came across a picture of the bride-to-be at Disneyland. Well, her fiance recognized someone in the background. It was his father pushing a stroller. It turned out that the couple had been photographed together 17 years before they actually met. If I was a hopeless romantic, I’d say that it was fate and/or destiny.

If you’re going to post pictures on Facebook, it’s probably not a good idea to post a picture of you holding a large sum of money. An Australian teenager was helping her grandmother count her savings when she took a picture and posted it to Facebook. That evening, her house was broken into by robbers demanding the money they saw online. Fortunately for the teen, she didn’t live with her grandmother so the thieves made off with considerably less than they otherwise could have. Still, why does everyone feel obligated to post pictures of everything to Facebook? And don’t get me started about Instagram.

If you’re planning to steal a car, it would be a good idea to not steal one belonging to the FBI. An Ohio man stole an SUV belonging to the FBI, changed the license plates and managed to go three weeks before being caught. He couldn’t say he didn’t know it belonged to the FBI because emergency lights and siren on board and there was even an FBI jacket in the car. How did he steal an FBI vehicle, you ask? The car was going through a car wash with the doors unlocked and keys still in the ignition. Whether you’re in the FBI or not, if you’re dumb enough to do that, you probably deserve to lose your car.

We Canadians all know someone who bought a car in the US to save money and got hassled when bringing it back into the country. It turns out that if you get your car modified in the States, you don’t just get hassled, your car gets impounded. A couple with 8 kids brought their SUV to Oklahoma to get stretched to fit their family. Upon bringing the car back home, the monster SUV was impounded by Canada Customs who claim that vehicles modified abroad are considered imported vehicles. This whole situation begs the question: Did either of the parents learn about condoms or vasectomies?

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