Sunday Link-Off: Newsbreak

Last week might have been the slowest sports week of the year but that doesn’t mean we have a shortage of links today. It just means that we have few sports links. Anyway, let’s kick off with Canada’s Nina Dobrev in her place.

While Canadians were proud of the role that our armed forces played in Afghanistan, our allies weren’t so impressed. In fact, they think we were way out of depth. (CBC News)

A law professor wrote a paper for the Saint Louis University Law Journal about Jay-Z’s 99 Problems. Jay’s got 99 Problems but he’d have far fewer if he knew the law. (Gawker)

The Freeh Report into Penn State’s role in the Sandusky affair was released last week. Suffice to say that no one in power at Penn State comes out looking good. (Yahoo Sports)

After the jump, ESPN has a problem with sources, some Comic Con coverage and what’s in Big Mac sauce.

What’s the top source that the editor of ESPN’s now defunct Page 2 used? That would be Wikipedia. (Deadspin)

With the upcoming ESPN Body Issue and the talk about sideline reporters, like Andrews and her replacements, a question rises of why appearance matters so much in sports. (Awful Announcing)

We know the Olympics are just a couple of weeks away in London but have you heard of the far superior Chap Olympiad? (With Leather)

Speaking of London, the BBC World Service is leaving their home of 70 years, Bush House. Here’s a look at the history of the World Service at Bush House. (BBC)

With Comic Con this weekend, I figure some Comic Con-ish links are appropriate. First, LeVar Burton talks about life behind the scenes of The Next Generation and the one thing that he wished was explored on the show. (io9)

The most popular panel at Comic Con had to have been the Firefly reunion panel. If you missed it, here’s a live blog of Whedon, Fillion and company. (HitFix)

My favourite show on TV right now is The Newsroom. Critics hate it. News folk love it. Here’s a great analysis of why it’s such a great show. (Unreality)

So much is made of “cinematic” gaming nowadays. Here’s a look at how the Uncharted series does cinematic gaming better than the much larger-scale Mass Effect series. (Forbes Games)

TV isn’t the only medium at Comic Con. Video games are there too. That includes more of the South Park RPG which still looks amazing. (Joystiq) We’re trying to get on the review list of F1 Race Stars. Looks like I’m going to have to send an email to get a copy of South Park as well.

The Develop 2012 conference was held last week. One of the hot topics of discussion was how Metacritic was influencing the gaming industry. (

Do you know what’s in a Big Mac and the famous sauce? You do now.

What would hockey sound like with soccer announcers on the call? A bit like this.

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